Sweet Cheese Auto




Sweet Cheese Auto was produced as the result of a cross between a fast Bud Auto and an elite clone of Sweet Cheese. The hybrid thus produced was then back-crossed twice to the Sweet Cheese in order to fix the special aroma of the Cheese. Get that Cheese fix in record time!

This is another compact auto-flowering strain from Sweet Seeds that grows to between 60 – 110 cm. tall and one which develops one main, central bud which is dense and very resinous. Indoor growers will be able to harvest somewhere between 350 – 550 gr/m2 in 8 weeks after the seeds have germinated. For safety and peace of mind it is recommended to use a carbon-filter as, like other Cheese strains, it creates quite a stink. Plants that are grown outdoors will yield between 35 – 175 gr/plant depending on external factors such as local weather conditions.

Sweet Cheese Auto exudes the spicy notes of mature cheese with hints of citrus. The flavour is rich and the smoke thick as it stimulates the taste-buds. The high level of THC makes its effect is a beguiling blend of cerebral high and physical stone which evolves into a very nice state of advanced relaxation.

Autoflowering, Feminized

Pack Size

25 pack, 3 pack, 5 pack


Fast Bud # 2 x Sweet Cheese

Cannabis Type

Hybrid Autoflower, Sativa Autoflower, Feminized Autoflower

Indica / Sativa Percentage

35% Indica / 65% Sativa

Flowering Time

8 Weeks from Sprout


350-500 gr/m2






Cerebral, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing

Terpene Profile

Cheese, Citrus, Spicy / Herbal, Sweet

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