Thai Chi (F)


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Thai Chiang Mai x Kali China elite (F4)

Cannabis Type

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Flowering Time



Average to High

Flavor Profile

Sour grapes and astringent bitter lemon in the foreground, then earthy with spicy notes of onion/garlic, and cured wood, incense, chocolate, green tea, mint and lime of classic Thai flavour, with a blackcurrant flavour lingering in the mouth as an aftertaste.

Terpene Profile

It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of beta myrcene and variability in the high presence of terpinolene, followed by smaller amounts of alpha pinene, beta pinene, limonene and trans ocimene. Sesquiterpenes: mainly beta-caryophyllene, followed by smaller amounts of alpha-humelene and variability in the presence of lower amounts of guaiol and bisabolol.

Thai Chi (F)


Thai Chi is a new sativa/indica hybrid with a perfect Asian genetic balance. It’s a direct cross between a new pure Thai sativa from the northwestern province of Chiang Mai, and our 4th generation Kali China elite.

At last, you can enjoy with this hybrid of the best qualities of the legendary Thai sativas (extreme vigor, strong branching, prime quality euphoric psychoactivity, high resistance against fungus), in a moderate flowering time, and even in latitudes far from the equator where flowering can take place with cold and rains.

Kali China is the perfect strain for this Asian marriage. The introduction of Kali China genetics into the hybrid has favoured the adaptation of the wild Thai genetics to indoor growing, drastically shortening the flowering to 10-11 weeks, increasing the flower density and resin production, contributing with its more refined terpene profile, and rounding out the effect with its qualities and its best Asian sativa traits.

The influence of Kali China’s beauty is also evident, being able to find in this hybrid a beautiful expression of ‘Red Thai’. Very aesthetically pleasing plants in flowering, which in many cases show beautiful reddish colours throughout the plant, ripening with low temperatures with an almost black look.

Authentic F1 hybrid with great tropical sativa vigor. When Thai Chi is grown indoors in small spaces the yield is moderate, but outdoors, with more space and longer growing stages it has the potential to produce huge crops.

The Thai phenos have an aroma of natural incense and cured wood that will delight the ‘old school’ sativa lovers. The expressions with stronger Kali China influence have a more complex fruity terpene profile.

Its effect has excellent mood enhancing sativa qualities: clean, cerebral, active, sociable and positive, without producing paranoia or nervousness.
Excellent to meditate since it produces a balanced and enlightened introspection.

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