• $0-$49.99 = 1 seed
  • $50-$149.99 = 2 seeds
  • $150-$299.99 = 3 seeds
  • $300-$399.99 = 4 seeds
  • $400-$499.99 = 5 seeds
  • $500-$799.99 = 6 seeds
  • $800-$999.99 = 8 seeds
  • $1000+ = 10 seeds

In addition to any promo freebies and breeder specific freebies! Tier based on subtotal. Does not include shipping and merchandise. Freebie strains will vary.

Sweet Seeds Bruce Banner

Get 1 FREE Bruce Banner Fem (Seedsman) seed for every Sweet Seeds pack purchased (any pack size)! *while supplies last*

Back To School

10% OFF select strains all August long!

Gas Reaper +

Every Gas Reaper Genetics pack comes with at least one same strain freebie! Now available in 10 and 20 packs!

Eternal Cultivars Freebies

Buy a REG pack, Get 5 FREE Fluffernutter REG seeds! Buy a FEM pack, Get 3 FREE FEM seeds of the same strain! *while supplies last*

Stealth Shipping

Select Stealth Shipping at checkout! Get your discrete order inside a NASC shirt or hat!

Sweet Seeds Special

Limited edition packs now available for most Sweet Seeds strains! 3 packs include 1 additional seed and 5 packs include 2 additional seeds! *while supplies last*

Tastebudz Special

Get 1 FREE seed with every 3 pack purchased, 2 FREE seeds with every 5 pack, and 3 FREE seeds with every 10 pack! *while supplies last*


Get 2 FREE OG Kush seeds with every 6 seeds purchased from DNA Genetics! *while supplies last*

Purple Caper Runtz Special

Get 4 FREE REG SEEDS for every REG pack purchased, 1 FREE FEM & 2 FREE REGS for every FEM pack purchased OR 1 FREE AUTO SEED for every AUTO pack purchased! *while supplies last* Currently offering Assorted Chocolates Regular, Assorted Cookies Fem and Assorted Runtz Auto!

Cannarado Special

Get 5 FREE Reg seeds for every pack purchased! Roasted Garlic Margy. *while supplies last*

Toker Pokers Now Available

Toker Pokers are the perfect all-inclusive smoking tool! Available in black and glow in the dark!

Ethos Pre-Release

FREE pre-release pack with every Ethos Genetics pack purchased! 5pk Reg strains! *All seeds depend on availability*

Ethos 4 Pack Deal

Buy 4 ETHOS packs of any combination and get 10% off! Does not combine with other discount offers.

Dungeons Vault Genetics

FREE 12 PACK of Forbidden Fruit x Purple Jellato OR Citrus Farmer x Hot Rod for each pack purchased! *while supplies last*

Twenty20 Mendocino Freebies

Get 2 FREE Trizzlers AUTO OR 2 FREE Trizkit F2 AUTO seeds for every two packs purchased (any pack size)! *while supplies last* *excludes 100 packs*

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