Beth- The Boss: became a gamer in her mid thirties, loves to cook and play guitar- Gordon Ramsey and Ani Di Franco’s lovechild

Crystal The Peacekeeper: collects dogs, free spirit, claims to be a minimalist but loves to shop too much to ever actually be a minimalist

Jess- The Caretaker: mother of the work crew, always makes sure no one is hungry and has eaten their lunch, loves to be the one to make all of the announcements

Ben- The Mad Scientist: always blasting music, talks to himself a lot, David Bowie’s doppelgänger, missing his lab coat

Alyssa- The Workhorse: Doesn’t mess around, wears crooked glasses, really enjoys testing the products and falling asleep after

Siobhann-Queen of the Puns:  will always outwit you, terrified of ants, one person flash mob, your kid’s favorite person to play with, will drink your beer

Christy- The Enigma: quiet but secretly judges everyone, used to be in love with David Duchovny until she realized she was a lesbian, mild animal hoarder

Emma- The Troublemaker: always cold, never grew up, sprays boss with silly string, undiagnosed ADHD, always down to dance

Matt- The Class Clown: king of pranks, media man, contagious laugh

Mariah- Freebie Queen, would rather be getting tattooed.

Devin- Mr. Brightside: always positive, always helpful, likes to lift heavy things, most likely to win a hot dog eating competition

Sarah- The Hippie: always smiling, does anything and everything asked of her, dependable, your pet’s favorite person, your kid’s favorite person, does not like pasta but otherwise normal and happy-go-lucky

Kelsey- The Persuader: has convinced all of her coworkers to watch Ginny and Georgia, obsessed with blueberry iced coffee, likes to make her coworkers fat by picking up their Wendy’s 

Kerry- The Scent Master: makes her own tarts, room sprays, and carpet sprinkles and lavishly overdoses the work crew with her aromas, most likely to trip at work, hypochondriac extraordinaire, frequently brings donuts for the work crew

Caitlyn- The Hipster: neon hair, underground pop culture enthusiast, has worked in every field imaginable, enjoys casual swearing

Chris- The Reality Checker: wears gym shorts year round, dark sense of humor, thrives on giving sarcastic feedback

Stephanie- The Crazy Cat Lady: Probably definitely capable of putting a curse on you if you wrong her, the splash of Gen Z we didn’t know we needed, enjoys her knick-knacks

Kate- The Flower Queen: Literally spends her days off in the fields of petunias, undoubtedly daydreaming about world peace. Can probably knit you a sweater. Bob Ross vibes but way cooler. 



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