The Scent Master: makes her own tarts, room sprays, and carpet sprinkles and lavishly overdoses the work crew with her aromas, most likely to trip at work, hypochondriac extraordinaire, frequently brings donuts for the work crew

Department/Title: Distribution Specialist and Creative Contributor for NASC 

Previous jobs/career: Business owner, Program Manager for homeless teens

Favorite thing about working in the industry: Working with amazing people and making customers happy 

Biggest strength you bring to the company: Being a team player and smiling (smiling is my favorite!)

Hobbies during your spare time: Pets, art, TikTok

Favorite binge worthy show: Blacklist, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy 

Favorite author or book: Jay Shetty, Jodi Peacock

Best concert you’ve ever been to: Bob Seger, Kiss with make up and Bon Jovi

If your personality could be embodied in a strain, what strain would you be? Sweet Zenzation by Sweet Seeds

What type of stoner you are? Wake and Baker

Favorite middle-of-the-night munchies: Whatever is next to the bed

Favorite pet (or pets):


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