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But we do more than just fund research. We attend research meetings, serve on grant committee’s, advocate, educate and run online support groups, just to list a few ways we spend our time.  However, we want you to also see we are intensely focused on funding high quality research, because we feel research matters.

What is IBC?

A working definition: Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a rare and very aggressive disease in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. 

This type of breast cancer is called “inflammatory” because the breast often looks swollen and red, or “inflamed”, often have dimpling of the breast skin that looks like an orange peel.

Inflammatory breast cancer progresses rapidly, often in a matter of weeks or months; and is either stage III or IV at diagnosis, depending on whether cancer cells have spread only to nearby lymph nodes or to other tissues as well. Most inflammatory breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinomas, which means they developed from cells that line the milk ducts of the breast and then spread beyond the ducts. It is not commonly picked up by a mammogram. Inflammatory breast cancer accounts for 1 to 5 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the United States.

Regardless of the rarity of this form of breast cancer, it has reared its ugly head and infiltrated our team – most directly Alyssa (NASC Sales and Communications Manager) and Siobhann (Head Gardener and Alyssa’s wife). 


Alyssa’s Mom, Anne, has been battling breast cancer since 2014, and has been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 separate times in the last 8 years.

In January of 2022 something just did not feel right and Anne was admitted to the hospital with a pleural effusion of her right lung. During her hospitalization the team chose to run additional tests and images due to her previous medical history. It was then that the family’s worst fears were proven true – the cancer was back and this time it was here to stay. Anne’s diagnosis was official as of late January 2022 – stage 4 triple negative metastatic inflammatory breast cancer.

A stage 4 metastatic diagnosis has a median survival rate of 1-3 years dependent on distant organ metastasis, commonly lung, liver, bone, and brain. In the case of Alyssa’s Mom the metastasis is significant, sparing only the brain for now. Due to the rarity of this cancer, development of curative treatments has been woefully limited. As a result of lack of research and development, treatments are currently focused on delaying the spread of the disease in effort to help patients make the most of their remaining time. As one can imagine, the nature of this diagnosis leaves many patients and families struggling to find hope in the face of an unforgiving, incurable disease. 


Our team is fully committed to supporting Alyssa and her family in this time, and we hope our valued customer base can join us in these efforts to assuage their feelings of hopelessness in any way possible. While it may be too late to save Alyssa’s Mom, it is never too late to try and help those who will come after. Alyssa’s family finds some comfort in knowing our efforts could help future families find hope through meaningful resources and curative treatment options. 


Thank you so very much!


As a company, it is incredibly important to us to give back to the wonderful, diverse communities and causes that are near and dear to our hearts. We are honored to collaborate with non-profits in helping to raise money for various causes, and we are of the mindset that there is power in kindness and change in numbers. We ask all of our amazing customers to consider giving back with us in a movement towards goodness, growth and change.

North Atlantic Seed Co.