The Troublemaker: always cold, never grew up, sprays boss with silly string, undiagnosed ADHD, always down to dance

Department/Title: Distribution Manager for NASC

Previous jobs/career: Management/Mental Health

Favorite thing about working in the industry: Helping others and seeing customers happy 

Biggest strength you bring to the company: Energetic attitude and a “can do” mentality 

Hobbies during your spare time: Spending time with my son and wife, family and being outdoors. Music and dance. 

Favorite binge worthy show: Blacklist

Favorite author or book: The Bible (NLT)

Best concert you’ve ever been to: My Morning Jacket

If your personality could be embodied in a strain, what strain would you be? Cherry Tonic Web CBD by Purple Caper Seeds

What type of stoner you are? Worried About Contact High Stoner

Favorite middle-of-the-night munchies: Nacho Cheese Doritos and french onion dip with Capri Sun

Favorite pet (or pets): 

Red (Australian Shepherd), Dahlia (black Pomeranian), Stella (white/brown Pomeranian), and all of my one million cats

.    .    .    .   

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