The Hippie: always smiling, does anything and everything asked of her, dependable, your pet’s favorite person, your kid’s favorite person, does not like pasta but otherwise normal and happy-go-lucky

Department/Title: Breeder for Dirty Bird Genetics

Previous jobs/career: Paper maker 

Favorite thing about working in the industry: Everyone is awesome and I get to learn a lot

Biggest strength you bring to the company: Flexible and quick learner

Hobbies during your spare time: Video games (Breath of the Wild is my favorite), fishing, motorcycle rides, playing with my cats, growing and smoking pot 

Favorite binge worthy show: The Office and Parks and Recreation

Favorite author or book: Unknown

Best concert you’ve ever been to: Boys of the Laugh or Carolina Chocolate Drops

If your personality could be embodied in a strain, what strain would you be? Variety Pack  #2 by Twenty20 Mendocino

What type of stoner you are? Either the storyteller or the mute stoner 

Favorite middle-of-the-night munchies: Funyuns 

Favorite pet (or pets): 

Khaleesi- tortoise shell cat. Fierce but fair and kind

Nina- tuxedo. Part dog, part human baby, looks like a cat

Abby- Yellow lab, Ferdinand the Bull, giant baby, super happy and kind

Jemma- brindle boxer, doesn’t know what she wants, hair trigger (barks a lot), loves to lick legs

Jake- flashy brindle boxer, meathead, big goof



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