The Mad Scientist: always blasting music, talks to himself a lot, David Bowie’s doppelgänger, missing his lab coat

Department/Title: Head Breeder for Dirty Bird Genetics

Previous jobs/career: Retail, social work, education

Favorite thing about working in the industry: Not having to work in the Verizon Gulag Call Center 

Biggest strength you bring to the company: Dedication

Hobbies during your spare time: Writing and playing music, hiking, reading

Favorite binge worthy show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

Favorite author or book: Journey to the End of the Night by Celine

Best concert you’ve ever been to: GWAR in Ybor City, Florida

If your personality could be embodied in a strain, what strain would you be? Hulk Angry IBL (or Bruce Banner Auto by Fast Buds)

What type of stoner you are? One who enjoys recreational marijuana

Favorite middle-of-the-night munchies: Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite pet (or pets): N/A

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