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Honeymoon (R)


This amazing strain was created by pollinating a beautiful clover honey tasting pheno with the Blueberry Snowdream male (Blueberry Candy.) the smoke on this delicious plant is thick with deep tones of blueberry clover honey, She also produces amazing trichome coverages. These plants tend to stay smaller and bushier than some, but produce gorgeous, tall stacked nuggets that are large and absolutely covered in trichome grease. As a heavy hitter, these flavor filled nuggets will leave you feeling relaxed and content. Honeymoon has been shown to provide very effective pain relief.

Regular M/F Photoperiod

Additional information

Pack Size

12 Regular M/F Seeds


Tangieland #3 x Blueberry Snowdream

Cannabis Type

Regular M/F Photoperiod

Flowering Time

53 – 59 days

Flavor Profile

Blueberry Clover Honey


In stock

In stock