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From July 4th-10th, we will be donating 10% of our proceeds from participating breeders to Last Prisoner Project. Support change in our community by shopping with our sponsors! 

About Last Prisoner Project

The Freedom to Grow

The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. LPP was founded in 2019 out of the belief that if anyone is able to profit and build wealth in the legal cannabis industry, those individuals must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization.

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Blimburn was founded in Barcelona, Spain by growers with more than fifteen years of experience in the industry. Blimburn seeds are the result of study, hard work and stabilization. You can find them at the most important cannabis expos and shows; and distributed around the world. They aim to develop top quality cannabis seeds bred with stability, high yield, psychoactivity and flavor in mind.

Logo with a gold circle background and the text "Blimburn SEEDS" in black font, perfect for highlighting in a popup menu or when you shop by promos.
Cannarado logo featuring stylized mountains and a red palm tree silhouette with text 'Cannarado Genetics Est 1998.'.


Being a Colorado local has offered Cannarado Genetics many great opportunities in the fledgling market of medical and recreational cannabis. Cannarado has seen many things in the industry and this has steered them in different directions. They made their first cross in 1998 when a buddy of theirs brought some seeds back from Amsterdam. Pot of Gold x Shiva Shanti was the first cross Cannarado ever made.

Dirty Bird


Dirty Bird Genetics, led by North Atlantic Seed Co owner Beth Mathieu, with the help of head breeder Ben Morris and the Maine Clone Co team, is the culmination of a lifelong passion for genetics and devotion to the development of the grassroots cannabis industry in the US. Dirty Bird is a woman-owned crew of family and friends that set out over a decade ago to carve a space for women in the cannabis industry in Maine and beyond. A collector of many things, Beth began pheno-hunting and collecting genetics back in 2012 when she first entered the industry as a medical caregiver, but like all great things, it took tremendous patience, time and hard work to bring to fruition. Beth and the Maine Clone Co team have spent nearly a decade growing and culling the genetics collection that we work with today.

A stylized bird skull with the words "Dirty Bird Genetics" above it on a black background.
Ethos logo



Changing the ethos of cannabis, with commercial boutique innovations, game-changing genetics, mind-opening insights and the best possible products, ETHOS uses science and data to apply the best practices, make the most effective combinations and produce winners time and again. Offering the most elite, most efficient cultivars – from F1s to IBLs and Alpha Fems to AUTOFlowers – Ethos Genetics, founded by Colin Gordon, is based in Colorado, USA. Colin and his team work to produce quality in their products as well as their contributions to the greater community. ETHOS is raising expectations.

Lovin In Her Eyes


Lovin In Her Eyes has an open minded approach to the plant with a focus on quality and extraordinary cultivars. We try to continually push the boundaries of what is possible. Exploring the possibilities and genetic variations of this plant is something we focus on. We are committed to taking our genetic library and using it to create new and fascinating strains that we intend to share with the world.

Night Owl Logo

Night Owl


Night Owl seeds is the side project of Daz from Mephisto Genetics.  Starting with some of the best autoflower breeding stock available and crossing them to unique photoperiod genetics has unlocked effects and flavor profiles never before seen in autoflowering cannabis.  Working all new varieties to F4 before release allows for an intimate knowledge of the lines, while releasing extremely limited edition true F1 auto hybrids allows these new lines to express in even more ways!  If you are a veteran of the autoflower scene looking for something new, or a first time autoflower grower, you cant go wrong with Night Owl Seeds!

Purple Caper


Frank T., the founder/janitor of Purple Caper Seeds, has dedicated over 30 years to the cannabis industry. He was arrested at 15 in 1991 for growing cannabis and is now 48 years young with a wealth of experience and accolades.

Frank entered the legal California medical market in 2005, founded Purple Caper Seeds in 2008, and established a tissue culture lab in 2006. His innovative approach led to the creation of a Tissue Ponic Lab in 2016. He holds the prestigious 2005 Ed Rosenthal Superbud Clone and has sold over one million clones in California through Darkheart. His expertise has earned him 11 cannabis awards and three patents.

As a consultant, Frank has advised on the startup of over 20 cannabis clubs, more than five commercial nurseries, and three commercial tissue culture labs in California. He has built and set up SOPs for over 50 projects, managed and trained over 20 teams, and white-labeled and bred strains for many prominent brands. He has overseen and phenohunted 15 million plants, ensuring the highest quality genetics for his clients.

Frank’s dedication to preserving the purist DNA in the world is verified by Phylos. His contributions have been featured in Hightimes, Ed Rosenthal Blog, Skunk Magazine, and more. He continues to consult for several brands, leveraging his unparalleled knowledge and experience to shape the future of the cannabis industry.

Purple Caper Seeds

Robin Hood Seeds


Unlike many in the industry, Robin Hood Seeds takes a pragmatic approach to cannabis breeding. While they do not engage in extensive testing of their crosses, they prioritize the use of well-established, reputable parent strains known for their consistent performance and desirable traits. This method allows them to focus on maintaining an extensive catalog of accessible, dependable seeds that cater to both hobbyists and commercial growers.

Robin Hood Logo
Romulan Genetics logo featuring a yellow hand making a Vulcan salute on a red circle background, bordered by a blue ring with white text and a yellow rope pattern.



Romulan Genetics started in 2017 with a single mission in mind; to bring their beloved family grown strain, Romulan, back to the growers and cultivators who sought her. As the years passed by Romulan Genetics grew into a respected breeding company offering Cannabis seeds to growers all over the world, both through their seed bank distribution partners and also their own website that they ship worldwide from. The focus at Romulan Genetics is to create cultivars that can be grown well by anyone, whether new to cultivation or an experienced professional cultivator. Romulan Genetics strains are made to be resilient, vigorous, and to perform well even under poor conditions. Romulan Genetics offers a full satisfaction guarantee on all of their seeds, so even when things don’t go to plan they are there to help their customers get to the harvest they deserve!

Royal Queen Seeds


Before their seed bank was created in 2007, RQS had long-time knowledge and passion for cannabis breeding. Following enormous interest in their strains, they opened our first shop in Amsterdam, the Damstraat location, in 2010. In 2011 they launched the Royal Queen Seeds website. In 2016 they welcomed first clients in our shop at Carrer dels Tallers in Barcelona, Spain. In 2022, they opened their newest location in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2023, they started operating in the United States and launched the first true F1 Hybrid Cannabis seeds in the market! Today, RQS operates in the US and in 28 countries in Europe and offers 100+ high-quality strains, growing equipment, growing advice, knowledge, tips and more!

A green circular logo with "Royal Queen Seeds" text and a white lion emblem.

Secret Seed Society Co.


Secret Society Seed Co. is a US Breeder whose focus is on bridging the gap between elite genetics and commercial production capabilities. Secret Society Seed Co. also produces strains geared toward high quality and high return for extraction purposes.

Logo of Secret Society Seed Co. featuring an illustration of a yellow blazer above the company name in white script on a black background.
SquareOne Genetics Logo cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds, weed seeds

Square One Genetics


At the heart of Square One Genetics is a passion for excellence and a dedication to the craft of cannabis breeding. Each strain is developed through a process of careful genetic refinement, ensuring stability and consistency across their product line. This process involves extensive phenotype hunting, cross-breeding, and testing to identify the most desirable traits, resulting in seeds that are prized for their robust growth characteristics and exceptional cannabinoid profiles.

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Logo of Omurta Genetix featuring a stylized purple and green figure seated in a yoga pose within a lotus outline. Text below reads, "omurta genetix" and "WE BUILD SOLDIERZ.
Twenty20 Mendocino

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Logo of Mosca Seeds featuring a stylized insect with detailed wings on a green and white radial background. The text "Mosca Seeds" is prominently displayed in the center.

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Logo of Compound Genetics Seed Bank featuring a stylized tiger with an abstract design and the text "MMXVI" below it, on a black background.
Logo of Diamondnugz Seed Company featuring a gold cannabis leaf and drop icon above the company name on a black background.
Logo of Dungeons Vault Genetics featuring the acronym "DVG" in bold letters with a keyhole design, and the full name "Dungeons Vault Genetics" written above. The background is black.
Elev8 Logo
Logo of Eternal Cultivars featuring a white, winged beetle design on a black background.
Logo of "Gnome Automatics" featuring a muscular gnome in green attire, with a white beard, smoking a pipe. Background includes trees and a circular gradient from blue to black.
Humboldt Seed Company logo featuring the brand name on a ribbon banner with the text "Seed Company | Est. 2001" below, highly recommended for commercial farms, all in white on a black background.
Logo of MzJill Genetics featuring a stylized silhouette holding a plant, with "TCA MzJill Genetics" text and a marijuana leaf graphic. Includes "Mz Jill FREEBIE! - Jilly Glue Reg 3pk" annotation for promotional offers.
A neon-colored graphic reads "Sin City Seeds" in cursive against a black background.
A colorful circular logo with the text "Super Natural Seeds," featuring mushrooms, UFOs, stars, and cannabis leaves on a vibrant, wavy background. The design feels like a visual popup menu for otherworldly wonders.
Logo featuring red lips biting the word "Tastebudz" in stylized yellow text. Black background.

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