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Dirty Unicorn (F)


Sour Lime Haze (F)


Black Phoenix (F)

Dirty Bird Genetics

Dirty Bird Genetics, led by North Atlantic Seed Co owner Beth Mathieu, with the help of head breeder Ben Morris and the Maine Clone Co team, is the culmination of a lifelong passion for genetics and devotion to the development of the grassroots cannabis industry in the US. Dirty Bird is a woman-owned crew of family and friends that set out over a decade ago to carve a space for women in the cannabis industry in Maine and beyond. A collector of many things, Beth began pheno-hunting and collecting genetics back in 2012 when she first entered the industry as a medical caregiver, but like all great things, it took tremendous patience, time and hard work to bring to fruition. Beth and the Maine Clone Co team have spent nearly a decade growing and culling the genetics collection that we work with today.

Get 2 FREE fem seeds or 4 FREE reg seeds with every Dirty Bird Genetics pack purchased!

*While supplies last. Tester packs do not qualify for freebies.*

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