Mellow Kitty (F)


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Cheetah Piss x Romulan

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time



Above Average


Tree style structure, little stretching, fast finisher

Terpene Profile

Astringent, Ammonia, Earth, Funky, Sweet Pepper

Mellow Kitty (F)


With an ironic name like Mellow Kitty it is easy to assume this one wont slap you upside the head like a knockout punch from a heavyweight champion, but that is exactly what you will get when you consume this powerful indica dominant cross of ours. Bright purple colors appear towards the end, even in hot rooms, with some of the better genotypes among the progeny. Astringent, ammonia, and deep dank notes of goodness make up the smells and tastes.

We will offer this warning ahead of time, don’t consume too much or else you will find yourself swimming in the ether and holding your head wondering what you just did to yourself. Mellow Kitty is a very resilient plant and easy to grow well for any level of cultivator. Best suited for indoor grows, but our assumption is she will do quite well outdoors as well. If you like purple plants and very unique terpene profiles not often seen these days, get yourself a pack or two of this one to hunt yourself a glorious keeper from!

Easy grow for any level or experience. Extremely resilient!

Resistance against spider mites Above Average
Resistance against powdery mildew Above Average
Resistance against botrytis Above Average
Resistance against thrips Above Average
Resistance against cold High
Resistance against heat High

Feminized Photoperiod

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