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Strain Information

Pack Size

5 pack


Purple Oldtimer's Haze #23 x A5 Haze (Northern Lights #5 x Original Haze male A)

Cannabis Type

Feminized Photoperiod, Sativa Feminized, Sativa Photoperiod

Indica / Sativa Percentage

10% Indica / 90% Sativa

Flowering Time

91 – 112 days

Terpene Profile

Floral, Berries, Wood, Spice, Leather, Incense

Purple Haze A23 A5 (F) [LIMITED]


Purple Haze 23 A5 is named for its distinguished lineage, a cross between our best Purple Haze mother (#23) from the Oldtimer’s Haze line, and the elite A5 Haze clone (NL # 5 x Original Haze male A) from Nevil. The resulting hybrid offers a practically pure Haze expression, with renewed vigour, combining legendary old expressions of purple Haze (23) and brown Haze (A5), both heavily perfumed with incense and of excellent quality, recalling some of the best Colombian sativa expressions of the 60s and 70s.

The mother Purple Haze #23 clearly dominates in this hybrid with its tropical sativa character, both in growth and flowering traits, as well as in its psychoactivity, terpenes and the final mauve pigmentation so characteristic of Purple Haze. The powerful A5 Haze brings plenty of vigour, production and its distinctive classic Colombian Haze aromas, which combine with the aged and exotic terpenes of Oldtimer’s Haze to create a bouquet, personality and effects that will excite the most purist of Haze hunters.

The extremely stable pure Oldtimer’s Haze genetics provides uniformity to the highly heterozygous F1 NL Haze, fixing its tropical nature and pure Haze traits so that the influence of Afghan indica from Northern Lights is, in this case, so recessively relegated that it disappears from the phenotypic expression of the final hybrid.

The flowering times of Purple Haze 23 A5 are long, as you would expect, and they fall just halfway between A5 Haze and Oldtimer’s Haze. The late harvest is compensated by an overwhelming quality and undistorted true Haze character, and by a good yield that rarely suffers losses thanks to the excellent genetic resistance to cold, rain and botrytis-type fungi.

Breeding our best incense parentals of pure Oldtimer’s Haze with the most powerful and also incense Haze hybrids from Nevil allows the union of 2 mythical incense Haze lines of incredible quality, reputation and influence (Original Haze and Oldtimer’s Haze), bred separately for decades to now finally merge into this genepool dreamed of by all Haze lovers.

Feminized Photoperiod

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