RS11 x Gushers (F)



Pack Size



Rainbow Sherbet #11 x Gushers

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


3.77 ft


Indoor: 1.31-1.47 oz
Outdoor: 15-19 oz


0.1 – 0.2%

Terpene Profile

Earthy, Fruity, Cookie

Flavor Profile

Cookies, Earthy, Fruity

RS11 x Gushers (F) INFO


The strain resulting from the cross between Rainbow Sherbet #11 and Gushers will produce a hybrid strain Mostly Indica. The strain will likely have a Cookie, Earthy, Fruity flavor with a strong Mostly Indica body high.

It also has a high THC 21% – 25%, making it a great choice for those looking for a strong and relaxing experience.

The RS11 x Gushers strain is a cross between Rainbow Sherbet #11 x Gushers, resulting in a strain with a cookie, earthy, fruity flavor, as well as potent happy, relaxed, talkative effects and a combination of cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate, and terpenes.

The terpenes found in RS11 x Gushers are to include Myrcene, Humulene, Terpinolene, which are known for their pain, relaxed properties.

Wondering about RS11 x Gushers? It leans heavily towards being an Indica strain, offering profound relaxation. With its genetic makeup favoring Indica, it’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. Growers can rely on RS11 x Gushers feminized seeds to consistently produce this Indica-dominant hybrid, known for its tranquil effects.

Exploring the genetics of RS11 x Gushers reveals its Indica dominance, which manifests in its deeply calming effects. This makes it a top choice among enthusiasts seeking a serene and soothing experience.

RS11 x Gushers promises a blissful experience. This Indica-dominant hybrid induces a sense of relaxation and euphoria, ideal for evening use. Users often report a peaceful state of mind and relief from stress, making it popular among medicinal users.

Delving into the effects of RS11 x Gushers, its Indica traits shine through. Its calming and sedative properties make it sought after by those seeking relief from pain or insomnia. Cultivating RS11 x Gushers feminized seeds ensures consistent production of these desirable effects, offering a premium experience for consumers.

For growers, understanding the flowering time of RS11 x Gushers is crucial. This Indica-dominant hybrid typically completes its flowering cycle in just 9 weeks, making it relatively quick to grow. This short flowering period is advantageous for those looking for faster production without sacrificing quality.

The 9-week flowering time of RS11 x Gushers aligns well with its Indica genetics, allowing for efficient planning and harvesting. This ensures a steady supply of high quality buds. Overall, the RS11 x Gushers strain offers a rewarding growing experience and a calm, blissful experience for consumers.

Outdoors, breeders in the northern hemisphere should sow their cannabis seeds in April for harvest in mid-October. Healthy feminized RS11 x Gushers produce about 18 – 19 oz/plant | 450 – 550 gr/plant of buds each.

Indoors, these crops have a flowering time of 9 weeks and produce about 1.31 – 1.47 oz/ft2 | 400 – 450 gr/m2.

The buds of the RS11 x Gushers are rock hard, soaked in resin and often have a crystalline sheen due to the amount of trichomes. They almost look like they came out of the moon and are excessively covered with resinous trichomes. The taste and flavor can be described as the perfect blend of cookie, earthy, fruity.

RS11 x Gushers makes a delicious soft smoke and combines a wide range of effects while a strong and relaxing experience. It´s rare genes produce a premium weed that is hard to beat. Thanks to its large resin production, it is the ideal strain for the production of high-quality extracts and concentrates.

A good terpene profile enhances the flavors of the buds of cannabis plants. Terpenes are volatile organic compounds that are produced in the cannabis plant and have an effect on the aroma and flavor of the buds. The most common terpenes are Myrcene, Humulene, Terpinolene.

These terpenes act as a kind of energizer for the flavors of the buds, as they add a fresh, citrusy touch to the sweeter flavors found in the buds. On the other hand, terpenes also have an effect on the effect that cannabis produces when smoked, as some terpenes have sedative properties, while others can act as stimulants.

For this reason, it is important to know the different terpenes found in a given cannabis strain before smoking it, in order to get the most out of the flavors and effects they produce.

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