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This pollination was to see how Soul Kitchen would do as a pollen donor. Soul kitchen has incredible density and resin, and Cajun Moon has terps for days which is why I thought these two could make a great match. They did! Superstylin’ took the best traits from both parents and made this gem. While some have a slight berry undertone to an earthy gas, I also found some with extreme fuel terps. Loud fuel and gasoline that fills the room with dankness when you simply open the jar. Her aroma is delightful. Most of these plants grow tall and wide with colorful expressions. Although there is variety within these seeds, I found most plant to be desirable in many ways.
*** Comes with two Cajun Mints freebies!!

Cajun Mints Lineage: (Wedding Cake F2 x Kush Mints #11) x Cajun Moon

Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Height: Medium-Tall

Scent: Sweet menthol and Gas

Cajun Mints is a personal favorite of mine and I thoroughly enjoyed every single plant that I grew from seed. I used Cajun Moon to pollenate a female that I hunted from a pack of Wedding Cake F2 x Kush Mints #11, which was bred by Seed Junky Genetics. Tall plants with heavy stacked tops, thick gummy resin that stinks of sweet minty menthol and gasoline. Floral and earthy with complexities that are drool worthy. Her buds are big and loud. The shade leaves get colorful with cooler night temps but the buds stay mostly green covered in heavy resin. Cajun Mints dries and cures on the quicker side compared to other plants because she’s not overly leafy. Plants with this kind of gummy resin seem to cure easier than plants with a slick greasy style resin, and I love that! Cajun Mints is outstanding and a welcomed addition to my catalogue!!

Feminized Photoperiod 


Pack Size


Cajun Moon x Soul Kitchen

Cannabis Type

Flowering Time


Medium to Tall

Terpene Profile

Gas, Fuel, Earth, Berry

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