Trainwreck (F) [NEW RELEASE]


Strain Information

Pack Size

, , ,


Mexican x Thai x Afghan

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


3 – 5 ft indoor, 5 – 7 ft outdoors


19 – 21 oz indoors, 23 – 25 oz outdoors



Terpene Profile

Citrus, Pine, Herbal & Mint undertones

Flavor Profile

Citrus, Pine, Herbal, Mint

Trainwreck (F) [NEW RELEASE]


Sativa-dominant Trainwreck seeds produce robust plants that are generous yielders if treated with love and care. This ultimate feel-good strain will please those who enjoy uplifting cannabis, with effects that make you feel energised and ready to conquer the day. The delicious aroma of citrus and pine is mixed with herbal and mint undertones, offering a moreish experience.

Trainwreck: Energising, Happy Vibes With Legendary Genetics

A cross between Mexican, Thai, and Afghan landraces, Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant (90/10) strain that promises to make its legendary heritage proud. Containing roughly 19% THC and low levels of CBD, this potent variety is taking the cannabis market by storm with its euphoric, uplifting effects and delicious blend of terpenes. Plus, growers love the plant’s excellent yield potential and robust nature.

Effects & Flavors of the Trainwreck Strain

When dried and cured, Trainwreck weed is full of scrumptious flavors sure to excite the senses. The mix is quite unusual, with a strong, citrusy base and notes of pine, herbs and mint dancing on the palate. This moreish flavor is accompanied by a powerful, uplifting and euphoric high that sativa fans worldwide love. Creative juices are guaranteed to flow, so reserve this smoke for when you want to stay productive and in the zone.

Growing Characteristics of Trainwreck Seeds

Giving Trainwreck plants the care and attention they deserve promises a bountiful harvest. This variety needs 9–10 weeks of flowering to be ready to yield indoors; while out in the garden, flowers should be chopped at the end of October. She’s a moderately tall cultivar, reaching roughly 100–150cm in controlled indoor environments. Outdoors, expect plants to reach for the sky with a whopping 200cm possible. When you finally get the chance to weigh your prized buds, indoor plants bring 550–600g/m² to the table, with 600–700g/plant achievable outdoors.

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