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United States


Priority Mail (3-5 business days): Price varies based on the size of your order and what size priority mail box(es) we need to use to ship your order. For orders between $1,000-$3,000 we charge $16 for a Priority Mail medium flat rate box. For orders between $3001-$5000 we charge $21 for a large Priority Mail flat rate box. Orders over $5,000 typically require two or more boxes and we will adjust your order and charge accordingly.


We offer an optional Delivery Insurance that varies based on the size of the order, as it mirrors USPS delivery insurance. We highly recommend that all wholesale customers purchase Delivery Insurance with every order to give you the peace of mind that if your package gets lost in transit, we will replace it. If USPS loses your package and you did not purchase Delivery Insurance, we cannot replace it. See below for the Delivery Insurance price tier:

  • Order Amount: $1,000.00 – $2,499.99    Delivery Insurance: $20
  • Order Amount: $2,500.00 – $4,999.99    Delivery Insurance: $50
  • Order Amount: $5,000.00 – $7,499.99    Delivery Insurance: $100
  • Order Amount: $7,500.00+                      Delivery Insurance: $150

There are some things to be aware of here. First and foremost, the shipping times offered by USPS are estimates only.  Priority Mail packages can vary in actual shipping times depending on the time of year and other situations or circumstances. During the holiday season in the middle of COVID, it can be expected that packages will be delayed. USPS often posts these delays on their website and we will always try to be as transparent and informative as possible about this when we see it.

We ask that you give at least 14 business days for your package to arrive to you before reaching out to us. After 14 days, please contact us via email ([email protected]). 

If the USPS tracking website indicates that the package was delivered, we have to assume it was. We will not replace packages that say they were delivered unless USPS confirms. If this happens to you, USPS can and will help. Before contacting us, please contact your local USPS office and they will geolocate the package and provide you with documentation stating that the package was misplaced, lost, delivered to the wrong address, etc. This paperwork is a requirement to obtain replacement seeds on a package that says Delivered in the USPS tracking system.

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