Payment Methods




Payment Methods

  • We accept Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover – Amex is NOT accepted), and Money Order/Cash. Detailed instructions will show when the payment method is selected at checkout, as well as in the confirmation email you will receive after checkout. We do not offer any other online application-based payment options such as Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp, etc. as the platforms will not support us due to the industry. We cannot accept prepaid gift cards, or payment from credit/debit cards issued from a bank outside of the United States.

Payment Instructions:

  • Credit / Debit Card – simply enter your card information and hit Place Order! 
  • Money Order/Cash – simply select at checkout and hit Place Order!
    • MAKE YOUR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO NORTH ATLANTIC SEED CO. If sending a money order, PLEASE MAKE PAYABLE TO NORTH ATLANTIC SEED CO. and complete the purchaser information on the money order. Please include your order number, name, and shipping address in a note in the envelope.2. Take a picture of the money order for your records and ship it out to the following address:
      C. Santone
      PO BOX 2655
      Waterville, ME 04903


      3. It is in your best interest to get tracking when you ship payment so that we can easily identify where the payment is and whether it has been delivered. If you choose to ship payment without tracking and the payment gets lost in the mail or something goes awry, we can not honor the purchase without that proof that it was shipped. Take a picture of your tracking and email ([email protected]) it to us and we will get your order packed right up! Your order will ship when payment is received in the mail and amount verified.

      If we do not receive tracking information or communication regarding the money order being sent within 1 week of purchase date, we will cancel your order.

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