Blueberry Bang Bang Drop

Exotic Genetics began in a little Hydroponic store in Tacoma Washington. Early on in the medical days, founder Exotic Mike, would donate his time in exchange for garden equipment. Mike began to receive questions from medical patients starting their own grows. What started there eventually evolved into Exotic Mike attempting his first seed making project. Most of the patients at that time were growing from clone. Mike provided seeds to customers like a modern day Johnny apple seed. Through a network of great friends, and an undying passion for greatness, Exotic Genetix was born. Over the years, recognition began to follow. Exotic has been recognized in Cannabis Cups for best Flowers, Hash, along with awards for best seed company and breeder of the year.

Get 3 FREE seeds with every Exotic Genetix pack purchased from the Blueberry Bang Bang Drop!

*While supplies last.*


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