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In stock

Strain Information

Pack Size

3 pack


Gorilla Glue #4 x Grape Crinkle

Cannabis Type

Hybrid Autoflower, Feminized Autoflower

Indica / Sativa Percentage

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Flowering Time

60 – 70 days from sprout


50 to 70cm


60 to 90g

Flavor Profile

Tastes range from earthy-sour to a fruity, totally tropical taste.

Terpene Profile

Aromas spanning gas, rubber, chemicals & grapes.

4 Assed Monkey Auto


Project Introduction and Overview:
‘4 Assed Monkey’ – those familiar with Mephisto know we don’t just use a name to sell seeds, to jump on the hype train, or to piggy back off of someone else’s hard work. It’s not our style. In fact, to create a new auto strain that really bares a significant resemblance to the photoperiod strain you start with takes a lot of dedication, even more so than the usual high levels of work and time that we put in. In our opinion and experience it can take 3 outcrosses to your desired photoperiod to really lock traits down and to feel comfortable to put that little word, ‘auto’ before or after a famous strain name. To do that work could easily take 5-6 years. This single cross of Gorilla Glue #4 to our Grape Crinkle, working it over 4 generations to become fully auto and testing time, has taken over 2 years alone. Initially we made a cross of GG#4 x Ripleys OG and also the GG#4 to Grape Crinkle for evaluation, but after the F1 grow out, we settled on the GG#4 and Grape Crinkle cross being the one to develop. We’re happy to say that we’re stoked with the outcome, and by calling it 4 Assed Monkey, that pays homage to it being related to Gorilla Glue #4, and also to our company namesake, Dr. Mephisto, who made his 5 assed monkeys in his lab. We’re on our crazy farm developing 4 assed monkeys, so to us, 4 Assed Monkey seems quite poetic. This girl is a quick one, sparkly with frost, high in terps and has become something unique which we’re super proud of.
Strain behaviour and structure:
4 Assed Monkey is a speedy auto indeed, putting on flowers and putting out her sparkly oils from early in life. We would classify her as being on the smaller side of medium. When given room to spread out and a good environment she will yield well, but is aptly suited to smaller spaces or to be grown in higher plant densities. We would recommend some leaf tucking and gentle manipulation to aid her on her journey, but with limited veg time for the most part she isn’t best suited to heavy manipulation and harsh training techniques. Aromas range from earthy with hints of sour initially that develop into a fruity tropical blend that is ultra tasty and salivating. Flowers have tight formation encrusted in resin. Bag appeal is top notch on this lady.
Feminized Autoflowering

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