Beary White Auto [LIMITED]


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Pack Size


3 Bears OG x Walter White

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


60 – 90 cm


100 – 150 gm

Terpene Profile

Citrus, Lemon

Flavor Profile

Pepper, Tropical Fruit

Beary White Auto [LIMITED] INFO


Another old-school project, originally released in a very limited run in around 2016, Beary White has been a favourite hybrid around the skate parks of Barcelona since our first batch grow way back when. A constant feature in a close friend’s grow up the coast, Beary White has always had the personal ‘Barca’ touch for me; taking me back to skating my days off from the farm around MACBA and Skate Agora up in Badalona.

The Beary White concept was born from wanting a little more stretch from our new-at-the-time Artisanal 3 Bears OG, and a little more bulk to our longstanding favourite Original Walter White. The result is a superb hybrid, oozing and stinking with OG goodness and dripping in crystals. So whether this is your first strain or your last strain, we’re pretty sure it’ll be your every weed.


Beary White contains a real combination of genetics that the connoisseur OG geometricians out there are going to love. Walter White takes its name from The White, a selection of Triangle, and now adding more Triangle from our 3 Bears OG culminates in a hexagonal festivity of funky, skunky flavours. This pairing is especially nice as the Walter White brings some extra sativa size and stretch to the table and the 3 Bears OG adds some extra thickness to the weedy porridge, an example of true cannabis-breeding synergy in action! The buds are heavily crystallised and just covered in frosty goodness with smaller leaves also liberally coated.

Beary White is still on the medium-sized part of the spectrum being bushy rather than tree-like, she does typically have a shorter vegetative period than others before transitioning into the flowering phase. The window is large enough however to apply some training before branches throw their toys out of the pram and don’t want to be oodled and fondled any longer. Once flowering has set in, energy fully goes into plumping out the buds and putting junk in the trunk daily.

Trichome production is rampant, almost verging on silly and the aromas do not disappoint either, she has hints of citrus, pepper, tropical fruits from a South American breakfast and an earthy OG touch on the backend.


Feminized Autoflowering