Blueberry Rose (F)


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Unknown Bubba x Dosi Punch

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Synthetic blueberry, hashy, earthy



Blueberry Rose (F)


Blueberry Rose was made from a long held onto Bubba clone that I’ve always loved. I crossed that unknown Bubba clone into Dosi Punch. The reason for this cross is because I thought my selection of Dosi Punch could add some stretch, vigor and frost to that unknown Bubba clone and give her an update. My hopes were to find a fast finishing plant with blueberry terps on a more stretched out frame than my original Bubba clone. I also wanted to add a more desirable resin while maintaining the integrity of the blueberry terps. Although some of the Blueberry Rose seeds have a hashy and Bubba Kush style terp, one can expect to find a heavy blueberry pheno when hunting through a singular pack of these seeds. The more you hunt through, the greater the reward. The flowering time ranges from 47-56 days. There will be some insanely resinous plants with very few pistils, while others have deep rust colored pistils creating a classic contrast. Blueberry Rose thrives when thinned out on the bottoms and defoliated, especially on the squat plants.

Blueberry Rose is ideal for the terp lover. Home growers can enjoy something boutique, commercial growers could double up their plants while maintaining a quality yield in a short time, and hash makers could bottle some truly beautiful synthetic blueberry terps. The heavy blueberry terp is something I’ve personally loved for a very long time. Blueberry Rose is an incredibly special plant to me and I hope whoever grows this will experience the same profound joy. Enjoy and thank you for your support!

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