Boss Hog Auto


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Boss Hog Auto is derived from is one of the most productive strains in The Cali Connection catalogue. Boss Hog itself is not very fast but she makes up for it in fat buds, very dense and loaded with resin. Boss Hog Auto is still a great choise of plant for commercial or private growers looking for a high-yielding strain.

Boss Hog Auto was created by crossing Chem 4 with Chem 4 BX1 and adding in auto-flowering ruderalis genetics. It’s an indica/sativa hybrid that takes 94 – 100 days from seed to harvest. Growers can expect to obtain fat, dense buds busrsting with trichomes. Yields are in the region of 500 gr/m2¬†indoors. Plants also do very well when grown outdoors.

Buds have a scent and taste of citrus/lemon with earthy notes of hashish and diesel. The effect is powerful, physical and mental, pleasant and long-lasting. It’s ideal to smoke at the end of the day, sharing with friends or use to fight stress.

6 Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

Pack Size

6 pack


(Chem 4 x Chem 4 BX1) x Ruderalis

Cannabis Type

Hybrid Autoflower, Feminized Autoflower

Flowering Time

110-115 days


500 gr/m2 indoors


Balanced, Potent

Flavor Profile

Citrus, Lemon, Diesel

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