Bruised Bananas (F)



Pack Size



Purple Chocolope x Honey-Banana

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


15–21 oz./m²

Terpene Profile

Sweet, Chocolate Desert, Honey, Fruit

Flavor Profile

Chocolate, Coffee, Bananas, Honey, Citrus

Bruised Bananas (F) INFO


Purple Chocolope x Honey-Banana are a mysterious blend of exotic genetics. Expect a delectable lineage that presents itself in unforgettable flavors and effects.

DNA Genetics brings you a true treat for your senses. This strain produces delectable-smelling buds coated in resin. They’re sticky like honey, fruity like bananas, and irresistible like chocolate. You experience euphoric mental upliftment and happy focus.

Descending from a Cannabis Cup winner

Purple Chocolope x Honey-Banana have an award-winning background. Breeders took care to create a strain that stands apart from the rest. The result is a delicacy that delivers potent yet pleasant effects.

The first parent, Honey Banana, is a Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo cross. This hybrid strain exudes banana and honey flavors from its resin-heavy buds. Consuming them produces elated, full-body effects and sharpened mental euphoria.

The second parent is Purple Chocolope. It’s a DNA Genetics specialty that crosses the original Chocolope with a secret strain. The plant delivers flavors true to its name, with coffee and earthiness. The buds produce dreamy, euphoric upliftment followed by profound relaxation.

Expect royalty when cultivating Purple Chocolope x Honey-Banana. They descend from our famous Chocolope strain. The grandparent bagged 2nd place at the High Times Cannabis Cup twice, in 2007 and 2010. It also won 2007’s Strain of the Year award.

An Enticing Fruit Basket With Chocolates

This strain draws you in with its sweet aromas and treats you with its delectable flavors. The buds smell like a decadent chocolate dessert laced with fruit and honey. The scent of your plants is likely to attract outside noses, so keep them in a discreet area to be safe.

The nugs from Purple Chocolope x Honey-Banana reveal intriguing flavor blends. Full-bodied chocolate notes dance on your tongue upon the first puff. You taste a mix of coffee, ripe bananas, honey, and a tinge of citrus.

The exhale leaves mild undertones of wet soil in your mouth. You still enjoy the decadent dessert and fruity flavors for a while after the last puff. Some users report sugary notes mixed with honey, melon, vanilla, and mild herbs.

This strain has an impressive terpene background. It may contain terpinolene, ocimene, and myrcene like its ancestor, Chocolope. You might encounter limonene and caryophyllene thanks to its Honey Banana lineage.

Feminized Photoperiod


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