Canelo Auto



Pack Size



Strawberry Banana x OG Kush Auto

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


14–17 oz./m²

Terpene Profile

Pine, Earthiness

Flavor Profile

Sweet Strawberries, Banana, Lemon Zest, Diesel, Woody

Canelo Auto INFO


A Product of Two Celebrity Cultivars

Canelo autoflower seeds are the offspring of two superstar cultivars: OG Kush auto and Strawberry Banana. Both parents are indica-leaning, a trait also reflected in Canelo.

OG Kush auto is a hybrid of OG Kush and a ruderalis. This cultivar has bred many new strains, thanks to its superb genetics. It delivers body-and-mind effects typical of an indica with a minor sativa infusion. Expect earthy, lemony, and pine-diesel flavors.
Strawberry Banana is an indica-dominant, award-winning hybrid with banana and strawberry flavors. Breeders crossed Banana Kush with Bubblegum to create this strain. Strawberry Banana donates its recreational properties and sweet flavors to Canelo.
True to their ancestry, Canelo auto seeds are non-photoperiod. The yummy nugs have a high THC of 18–24% and 0–1% CBD.

Get Rewarded With Bountiful and Healthy Yields

Canelo auto seeds make the dream of all growers a reality. They don’t require an experienced touch to grow into healthy, generous harvests. Even beginners can have success with these seeds.

Put yourself on the right track by germinating your cannabis seeds indoors. Transfer the seedlings to your preferred setup after sprouting.

The best germination technique is the paper towel method. Gather the required tools, which include four paper towels, distilled water, tweezers, and two plates. Then, follow these instructions:

Slightly moisten two paper towels, then place them on a clean plate.
Use tweezers to put your cannabis seeds on top of the paper towels. Leave a gap of one inch between them.
Take the other two damp paper towels and put them over the cannabis seeds.
Place the second plate over the apparatus as a cover.
Keep the marijuana seeds in a dark, warm spot, and check on them regularly to ensure they’re in good shape.
Within 24–120 hours, your weed seeds should sprout, displaying a white taproot.
Our Canelo auto seeds are flexible. Whether indoors or outdoors, they’re designed to excel. In outdoor settings, they succeed in spots with direct sunlight and natural ventilation. In controlled setups, they flourish with the right microclimates.

Soil remains the best substrate for growing cannabis plants, especially for rookies. It’s an all-natural, affordable, forgiving, and low-maintenance medium with limited needs. Ensure the soil you use has a loose texture and excellent drainage.

Consider hydroponics if you have some experience under your belt. It offers enhanced yields, faster growth, and higher quality harvests. The only disadvantage is the high skill and capital requirements. Begin with a simple system, like deep water culture (DWC).

It’s vital to maintain accurate atmospheric conditions. Ensure temperature levels of 70–80°F and relative humidity of 40–60% for every phase. The pH level is best at 6.0–7.0 in soil and 5.5–6.5 in soilless setups.

Canelo auto plants can get relatively bushy. Pruning may be necessary to maximize yields. Low-stress training (LST) and topping can also help you control the crops’ height.

Nutritional feeding is what keeps cannabis plants healthy. Supply your Canelo crops with NPK nutrients on a phase-specific basis. During the vegetative stage, they need nitrogen more. Switch to higher concentrations of phosphorus and potassium while flowering.

Since they’re non-photoperiod, you don’t have to trigger the flowering phase. This means changing the light schedule isn’t necessary. To create optimal conditions, lighting should remain intense and efficient. The best light sources are LEDs and 600-watt HPS lamps.

Canelo auto seeds deliver above-average and healthy yields. A diligent cultivation process should reward you with harvests of 14–17 oz./m². These cannabis seeds typically flower in 8–9 weeks.

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