Cherry Glue F1 (R)


Cherry Glue is the result of pairing off our High School Sweetheart F5 stud male, which lends its heritage to the Cherry Pie Kush, and our stable cut of Gorilla glue #4. A resinous Glue plant with an overlay of Cherry in the gas to sweeten the palette upon exhale. While working with the Gorilla Glue No.4 some interesting observations were made in the offspring. Phenotype variation spread is wide as is the female to male ratio in the offspring seeds. A full 12 pack will produce something exquisite every time and worthy of its lineages. These seeds are designed for the strain hunter to pull something special for themselves and keep in clone form for years. We fell in love with GG#4 for its dense resinous flowers and high fuel and pine terpenes but found, while growing out crosses with it, that our F3 and higher filial males will really change the aroma and flavors of the glue without disturbing the structure too much. Some phenotypes look just like the mother plant in flower but smell and taste different upon completion. Having a more fruit or floral expression within. Omuerta has produced a few other cultivars over the years with this cut of Gorilla Glue 4 and like everything from Omuerta, it has been vetted and proven stable. Those strains, like “Los Pepes” and “Barry Seal” have gone on to be favorites in the grow rooms for many years. We are really excited to release Cherry Glue to the public and expect some absolute jaw droppers to be found and grown out.

Regular M/F Photoperiod

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Pack Size

12 pack


High School Sweetheart F5 X Gorilla Glue #4

Cannabis Type

Hybrid Regular M/F Photoperiod, Regular M/F Photoperiod, Sativa Regular M/F Photoperiod

Flowering Time

63 – 70 days


Above Average

In stock


In stock

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