Communion S1 (F)


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(Grapestomper OG x Durban Poison) x Romulan

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Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


Above Average

Flavor Profile

Sweet, candy, grape, wine, earthiness, fruit, camphor, tropical, pine, gas

Communion S1 (F)


Some of the finest hybrid smoke we have ever created. Communion smells of sweetness, fruit and camphor. Tastes like candied grape wine, earthiness, and hints of a tropical pine-gas. Effects are long lasting, fast setting and very remarkable. Deep relaxation without sleepiness or lethargy. A calm and comforting dulling of your senses, coupled with a sensational euphoria that feels a bit like visiting Nirvana. Communion is easy to grow and she handles most adverse conditions with ease. Progeny will be fairly homogenous, with some unique outliers showing up rarely. Plants will have about half, that will only stretch a normal 2x, while the other half of the plants may stretch 3-4x. Branch support is required as Communion buds can get heavy.

Format: Feminized Photoperiod
Sativa / Indica ratio: 70 % INDICA / 30 % SATIVA
Flowering indoors: 9-10 weeks
Flowering outdoors: October
Yield: Above Average
Resistance against Spider mites: Above Average
Resistance against Powder Mildew: Above Average
Resistance against Botrytis: Average
Resistance against Russet Mites: Average
Resistance against Cold: Average
Resistance against Heat: Above Average
Genetics:  (Grapestomper OG x Durban Poison) x Romulan
Structure: Excellent nodal spacing, tree structure, 2-4x stretch
Bouquet: Sweet, candy, grape, wine, earthiness, fruit, camphor, tropical, pine, gas
High: Indica body effects, with a sensational hybrid head high
Growing Tips: Easy grow for any level or experience, both indoors and outdoors. Branches may require support in flowering. S1 seeds can put out the occasional mutant plant, runt and far more rarely intersex traits. Growers will certainly want to keep an eye out for these minor risks as growing S1 seeds comes with these known issues.

We recommend growing all feminized seeds in the veg. state until they have reached sexual maturity (stigmas beginning to show) before flowering them. Stabilization through cloning is also recommended for those who prefer that route. This drastically reduces the risk of intersex traits that may be experienced by a very small amount of growers *(higher rates can be experienced with feminized (S1) seeds compared to regular seeds). We have thoroughly tested these seeds just like all of our seeds prior to releasing them, and found no issues, but based on our experience those who rush fem. seeds into flowering from seed tend to be the ones who we see have problems.

Feminized Photoperiod

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