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A potent Mexican variety that produces a tropical sativa high. Our Crystal Meth strain is an unforgettable mixture of a phenomenal Mexican hybrid that was proudly developed by our research team, and our own autoflower genetics. This plant earned rave reviews from growers during R&D for its adaptability from seed to harvest, its generous potential Crystal Meth yield of 600 g/m2 (1.3 pounds per light), and the powerful effects that it produces. We’re thrilled to offer this hyper-stimulating sativa for sale at a low price.

Taste & Aroma

Our Crystal Meth Strain produces a pleasant, pine aroma with a hint of nuts, namely hazelnut.

Crystal Meth Review

Our Crystal Meth seeds produce plants that offer a cheerful and positive high. The effects increase gradually, culminating in a cerebral blow and wobbly legs, an experience like the purest Mexican tequila without the dizziness. The effects are straight sativa, without a hint on indica sedation. This variety is for those consumers looking for pleasure, mental relaxation, and profound emotions. Crystal Meth is an alternate dimension into eternal happiness.

How It Grows

Crystal Meth seeds are feminized and autoflowering, with a median flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. A popular candidate for the novice or expert cultivator who appreciates fast, secure, and hassle-free harvests. The plant is expected to be entirely mature in approximately 65 – 70 days. The germination period and early seeding phase, lasts no more than 5 days. Shortly after, this specimen grows compactly. During its first two flowering weeks, the plant will light green, with a hint of yellow. Little by little, you will notice the leaves to take the form of a flowing skirt, and they remain compact around the stem by forming a central bud that should grow to 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter.

By the fifth week, the color extravaganza begins; the leaves turn reddish, like beetroot; the green becomes darker, almost black-purple. Crystal Meth typically grows to a height of up to 90 cm (35 inches), and in some instances can reach up to 120 cm (50 inches). For this reason, it is recommended that one use a flowerpot of 10 liters (3 gallons).  It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows. We recommend that you give each plant enough space to allow for successful development and support for branch growth. Moreover, we also recommend that you fertilize handsomely. Since we are dealing with a gluttonous plant, it responds well to extra nutrients.  You should also take into account that it is pH sensitive, so we advise you to repetitively supervise the plant and adjust the levels often, if necessary. Thanks to its mother genetics, the buds are thoroughly engulfed in white trichomes during its peak ripeness. A close rival to the sugar sprinkled cupcake. And that’s how the name “Crystal Meth” was born.  Stay classy, mother nature.

Because of its strong smell, it would be a good idea to apply carbon filter in your tent.

Feminized Autoflowering


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