Devil Fruit Auto


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Ogreberry X Smell Of Success

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Strawberries and blueberries muddled together in a gas canister.

Devil Fruit Auto


Type: Feminized Autoflower Seeds, Indica dominant

Lineage: Ogreberry, Smell of Success

Most autoflowering varieties have complex genetic lineages that can’t simply be summed up as “A x B” We use the term “origins” and list as many as the closest relatives as possible.

Filial Generation: (F1)

This expresses the fillial generation of the cultivar. IX refers to In-cross which is used to categorize two close relatives that have been bred together. S1 is used for “selfed” plants in which we reverse a clone onto itself.

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below Average

This is a classification system we have developed in order to provide cultivators information regarding the amount of phenotypic variation that should be expected. Simply put, this describes the uniformity or lack thereof. The PVI index is calculated with a formula using a variety of observed traits. Although the formula we developed outputs a quantitative number between 1 and 10, we are publishing the results in qualitative format. We are currently developing an online version of the calculator which will be published on our website for public use. The qualitative parameters we are currently using are: Very Low, Low, Below Average, Average, Above Average, High.

First sign of flower in days: 20-25 days

Day 1 starts when the seedling emerges from the soil or when the sprout is planted in soil. The days listed represents the time in which over half of the batch should be visually showing female sex.

Total life cycle in days: 72-80 days

This is the amount of days from the emergence of seedlings to harvested flowers. Days listed represent the time to harvest for 50% or more of the total plant population. This data is extrapolated from our test gardens in a mixed-light facility from plants grown in 3 gallon pots. In general, you should add one week for outdoor grown autoflowers.

Aroma/Nose: Strawberries and Blueberries muddled together in a gas canister.

This category is subjective and not based on quantitative data. * the higher the PVI the more variation in aroma you should expect.

Feminized Autoflowering

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