Ed Rosenthal Super Chocolate (F)[LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVES]


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ERSB x Chocolate Hashberry

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Ed Rosenthal Super Chocolate (F)[LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVES]


The Ed Rosenthal Super Bud”ERSB” is a very special plant! This clone is Ed’s Personal cut. The clone itself is 17 years old. The last 7 years it has been held in the Purple Caper Tissue Ponic Laboratory.

An Ideal plant for the beginner, or seasoned commercial farmer. Has a perfect shrub stretch Indica structure. Each branch forms a solid cola all the way down to the main stalk. Huge yields, and trouble free growing. Can take humid or dry conditions, as well as high and low temperatures. Proven winner indoors, greenhouse, mixed light, and outdoors. Full term plant will finish early between the end of august to middle of September around 6 ft tall  Fast finisher, 6 weeks Indoors under lights. ERSB flowers are completely covered in resin, and trim has a very high rosin yield! Electric lime green with bright orange hairs, this is top shelf! Terpene profile is loud pine, skunk, citrus with a Sativa effect. Hybrids will test up to 30%THC,

The ERSB is dominant in these hybrids donating around 75% of the characteristics, the other 25% comes from the father used.

Super Chocolate : Gorgeous plants with extreme trichome production. Classic hashplant. These have very strong branches and can take a beating. Great for temperature extremes, or hot indoor gardens. These have a creamy semi sweet chocolate flavor when you break up the flower, which translates into a nice, hashy smoke experience! Some of the nicest and largest yielding extract yielders that we have seen. Very indica dominant and fast to finish like all the Superbud Hybrids! 6-7 weeks

Feminized Photoperiod 

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