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North Atlantic Seed Bulk/White Label


Purple Urkel x Bigbud x Ruderalis

Cannabis Type

Indica Autoflower, Indica Feminized, Feminized Autoflower

Flowering Time

56 – 70 days from sprout


3.94 ft, 1.2 m


Indoor; 1.31 – 1.82 oz/ft², 400 – 550 gr/m²; Outdoor;
10 oz/plant, 300 gr/plant


Low; 2%

Flavor Profile

Berry, Hashish, Sweet

Terpene Profile

Alpha-Pinene, Camphene, Linalool, Valencene

Grandaddy Purple Auto

North Atlantic Seed Bulk/White Label seeds are sourced across the many breeders we work with. Breeder information is not made available for these strains, and they are not eligible for replacements or promotional discounts.


Grandaddy Purple is the result of a cross between two legendary indica varieties, Purple urkle and Big Bud. Grower Ken Estes introduced this strain to the California cannabis market with a bang in 2003. These famous lines have been a staple in the community since the 1980s, winning multiple awards over the years and forming the basis for countless other hybrids. Its strong indica dominance is the reason this particular strain is also known as Grandaddy Purple Kush.

Purple Urkle’s history is as rich and complex as its flavonoid profile that provides it with intense colors. It originated in California with links to a unique phenotype, Mendocino Purps. This strain is famous for its spectacular deep purple buds and fiery orange hairs. The origins of Big bud date back to the 70s. It was born from crossing three legendary varieties including Afghani, Northern lights and Skunk #1. This strain has been recognized by growers for producing large flowers. In addition, she was crowned champion at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recognized varieties in our catalog for its intense grape and berry flavor. Granddaddy Purple is guaranteed to send you to a euphoric state at first, quickly transforming into calm and relaxation. By the end, your body will feel sedated.

Feminized Autoflowering

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