Grandpa’s Stash Multipack (F)


Strain Information

Grandpa’s Stash Multipack (F)


6 AlphaFem™ Varieties

3 Size Varieties:

• 1ea (6 Total)

• 3ea (18 Total)

• 5ea (30 Total)

6 Varieties

1) Peach CrescendO F1* x Grandpa’s Stash #12 – 8-9 weeks

TAC: 25%+

2) End Game R2 x Grandpa’s Stash #12 – 8-9 weeks

TAC: 25%+

3) The Punch Line Rbx x Grandpa’s Stash #12 – 8-9 weeks

TAC: 25%+

4) Spanish Moon* X Grandpa’s Stash #12 – 8-9 weeks

TAC: 25%+

5) Original CrescendO x Grandpa’s Stash #12 – 9-10 weeks

TAC: 30%+

6) Bonus Surprise

*Lovin’s Cuts

This pack is perfect for the Indoor or Outdoor grower!

The Grandpa’s Stash #12 is a fast-flowering and vigorous cut. Mold resistance and her fast ripening makes her a favorite for outdoor and greenhouse growers in fickle environments. Her effects lean towards the mellow side but aren’t overly heavy. Earth, pine and gasoline tones are quite pleasing as flower or extraction.

The Players: We picked a diverse variety of breeder-cuts for this pack. Expect something distinctive from each cross. Most of their effects are on the relaxed side of the hybrid spectrum, except the Original CrescendO which is extremely heavy.

Feminized Photoperiod

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