Grape Ape Auto [NEW RELEASE]


Strain Information

Pack Size

, , ,


Grape Ape x OG Kush Auto

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


2 -3 ft indoors, 3 – 4 ft outdoors


14 – 16 oz. indoors, 4 – 5 oz./plant outdoors



Flavor Profile

Blueberry, Herbal, Pungent

Grape Ape Auto [NEW RELEASE]


If you’re looking to feel physically stoned but mentally alert, then Grape Ape Auto has the perfect phytochemical package for you. This offspring of Grape Ape and OG Kush Auto pairs high levels of THC with synergistic terpenes—including myrcene and pinene—to keep the mind sharp and the muscles loose. The addition of a short growing cycle and big yields make her a must for auto lovers.

Grape Ape Auto: For A Stoned Body and a Clear Mind

Grape Ape Auto combines the best traits of the original photoperiod strain with the complex flavors and stoning qualities of OG Kush Auto. Discover this fast-growing and body-slamming cultivar below.

Grape Ape Auto: The Progeny of Grape Ape and OG Kush Auto

The Grape Ape Auto strain isn’t simply the autoflowering version of Grape Ape. The introduction of OG Kush Auto genetics contributes several traits that set her apart from the original. This pairing created a cultivar with 85% indica genetics, substantial levels of THC, and particularly pungent terpenes that infuse every hit with unmistakable blueberry flavors.

Grape Ape Auto Seeds: Effects & Flavors

Equipped with a THC content of 19% and sky-high levels of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, Grape Ape Auto seeds treat users to a body-slamming physical high that lingers for hours. Although she renders the body heavy and relaxed, the high keeps the mind clear, lucid, and functional. Her buds are ideal throughout the day, especially when you want to feel physically relaxed while keeping your cognitive faculties intact. Her complex array of terpenes gives rise to moreish tastes of blueberry, grapes, and herbs.

Grape Ape Auto Seeds: Growing Characteristics

The Grape Ape Auto weed strain produces tight and small colas with a generous frosting of trichomes and resin. Indoor plants peak at heights of just 70–100cm while producing up to 450g/m². And the best part? Germination to harvest only takes a mere 10–11 weeks. Outdoor plants grow up to 120cm when left untrained, and reward growers with 115–165g/plant.

Feminized Autoflowering



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