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Grape Snowcone (R)


Grape Snowcone’s journey began with our amazing Grape God phenotype. We found a few beans from a Grape God pheno and out pops grandbaby grape.  This gorgeous white lime, green colored grape lollipop plant, with dank delicious grape lollipop candy fills the room almost instantly upon opening a jar. We excitedly crossed this beauty with the mind melting Blueberry Snowdream.  With fast and strong growth characteristics, this cross is a grower’s dream both inside and outside in Maine’s short grow season.  These seeds produce plants with deep grape candy tones, with some phenos exhibiting smells of cream and caramel.  The gorgeous flowers are top choice for hardworking, strong-minded individuals with a high tolerance.   Flowering 52-60 days (5% sativa/ 95% indica)

Regular M/F Photoperiod

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Pack Size

12 Regular M/F Seeds

Cannabis Type

Indica Regular M/F Photoperiod, Regular M/F Photoperiod

Indica / Sativa Percentage

95% Indica / 5% Sativa

Flowering Time

52-60 days


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In stock