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Lamb’s Breath Seeds Legend


Lamb’s Breath is a well-known, but hard to find, legendary Jamaican sativa strain, with energizing, uplifting, creative and euphoric effects. Our “Legend” plants, grown from seeds sourced directly from Jamaica, display typical sativa traits – vigorous growth, narrow leafs, reddish purple stems, fat, sticky buds with a sweet, floral, musky aroma. The plants do well outdoors or indoors, if given adequate space and nutrients. The mother plant tested 16.49% total cannabinoids, while producing a heavy seed crop. These seeds are second generation from the island, grown in isolation outdoors in Vermont. Add some authentic Lamb’s Breath sativa landrace genetics to your breeding program, or just have fun growing and enjoying some Lamb’s Breath Legend plants.

The Lamb’s Breath Story

Lamb’s Breath, aka “Lamb’s Bread” or “Jahweed,” is a legendary landrace cannabis strain from Jamaica. It is a classic sativa, with energizing, creative and euphoric effects. Authentic Lamb’s Breath landrace seed has been hard to find – until now!

For four years, between 2014 and 2018, my wife and I spent 3 weeks each year doing volunteer work in Jamaica, helping farmers understand and convert to organic, and working with the National Certification Body of Jamaica (NCBJ) to establish an organic certification program. We spent most of our time at the Source Farm, in Johns Town, St. Thomas Parish, east of Kingston.

On our last visit, in 2018, we decided to spend some time at Couples Resort in Negril, after we had finished our work. We took a bus from Kingston to Negril. When we arrived in Negril, I met a grower named Jack. I let Jack know that I was a backyard grower from Minnesota, and was looking for Lamb’s Breath seeds.

Jack replied, “We grow Lamb’s Breath! Let me take you to the plantation!”

On Easter morning, I called Jack. He picked us up, and we drove up into the hills above Negril. We parked, and hiked up a narrow path, until we came to the “plantation,” which was an area full of ganja plants, about 4 acres in size. We toured the site, met Jack’s crew, and saw the area, in the corner of the field, where a few males were allowed to go to flower to pollinate the Lamb’s Breath seed crop. We talked about fertility management, pest control, and the state of ganja in Jamaica. Respect.

I bought a few Lamb’s Breath seeds from Jack, which I grew outdoors in MN, for personal use. I found the strain to live up to the legend! When consumed as smoked bud or as an edible, the effects are energizing, euphoric, and creative, yet clear-headed. No wonder it is known as Bob Marley’s favorite! The plants exhibit classic sativa traits – narrow leaves, vigorous growth, and a delightful earthy, musky, sweet skunky aroma.

In 2020, we moved from Minnesota to New Hampshire. I had 6 Lamb’s Breath seeds left in my possession. Knowing that Vermont had recently legalized personal cultivation of cannabis, I contacted a certified organic CBD grower to see if he would be interested in growing my remaining seeds in an isolated location as a seed crop. He was! He found an isolated location, and grew out my six seeds. Of the six, 4 were male plants.

The two females were allowed to produce seeds, and they expressed totally different cannabinoid profiles! The first female, “Legend,” has a THC content of 16.49%, according to analysis by Bia Diagnostics. The second female, named “Balance,” has 8.5% cannabinoids, with a “golden ratio” of 1:1.1 THC to CBD. (Keep in mind that both females were allowed to go to seed, meaning that much of the plants’ energies were directed to producing seeds, rather than developing THC and other cannabinoids.)

At the present time, we are offering straight-run seeds of both the Legend and Balance strains for sale. Breeding work is currently underway to select and propagate the best phenotypes of the Legend strain.

Lamb’s Breath Legend and Balance seeds are straight-run landrace Cannabis Sativa. Seed packets contain female and male seeds, and the plants will express some genetic variation.

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