Luxor’s Chocolate CBD (R)


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Chocolate Tonic x Luxor THCV

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Luxor’s Chocolate CBD (R)

PURPLE CAPER SEEDS >  LUXOR’S CHOCOLATE (CHOCOLATE TONIC X LUXOR THCV)                                                                                                

Full spec dream plant! These plants boast up to 10 different cannabinoids, and up to 25% Total Cannabinoids! This is perfect for RSO and real medicine. The THCV, CBD, and CBG give clarity as the others heal. Very robust and strong, plants will grow well in almost any garden. All different growth tall and fat, and different chemotypes anywhere from THC Dominant to CBD Dominant with the about average 8% THC and 8%CBD with trace up to 5% of up to 8 other cannabinoids!

Regular M/F Photoperiod

North Atlantic Seed Co.