Melonade Runtz (F)



Pack Size


Melonade (Lemon Z x Lemon Tree) x Runtz

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


Extremely High

Terpene Profile

Lemon/Tropical Fruit, Creamy, Doughy

Flavor Profile

Sour, Tropical

Melonade Runtz (F) INFO


Why should I buy Melonade Runtz feminised seeds?
  • Melonade Runtz is the crème de la crème of contemporary cannabis genetics. This USA cross is made with our cannabis cup winning Lemon Z genetics, Lemon Tree and the well-known Runtz genetics. Very aromatic and tasty!
  • She guarantees top quality harvests. The buds of this strain are compact, loaded with trichomes and have a delicious, pungent terpene profile. In addition, she is suitable for every type of grower, including beginners.
  • Melonade Runtz is a stable and fast flowering photoperiod cannabis strain with strong branches and a compact plant and bloom structure. The average flowering time in an indoor grow is between 9-10 weeks from the moment it is put on a 12/12 light cycle.
  • The effect of our Melonade Runtz is powerful, the high potency provides a strong, narcotic high which is also very suitable for experienced (medical) users.
Melonade Runtz has a pungent aroma and a refined taste. The scent is a colourful mix of lemon/tropical fruit alongside creamy and doughy notes. The taste is usually sour and tropical, but there are also phenotypes that are slightly creamier and sweeter

Melonade Runtz is a strong-smelling and great-tasting photoperiod cannabis strain available in feminised seeds. This USA crossing belongs to the crème de la crème of contemporary cannabis genetics. Careful selection and crossing have created a powerful hybrid that provides a true flavour explosion. The aroma is very pungent and usually resembles a fruity, slightly sour ‘Zkittle’.

This combined with the more creamy and gelato-like notes create a delicious taste. However, the more tropical fruit character predominates in this photoperiod cross. The buds are super sticky and have fantastic bag appeal.

The appearance is what you expect from a top quality new USA cultivar that emerged from the well-known Zkittlez and Cookie lines. This is a strain for lovers of strong flavours and strong weed. The high THC levels provide a powerful high with a potent and long-lasting effect.

Melonade Runtz is a very potent and tasty cannabis strain with a pungent aroma and a unique terpene profile

Melonade Runtz is a potent and strong cannabis strain. Due to her high THC level, this strain falls into the special and praised Dutch Passion seed category with extremely high THC levels. This means that the THC percentage will, on average, be between 20-25%.

However, in some cases it is higher and with the right pheno (and in a fully controlled and perfected climate) you can even reach slightly above 25% THC. In addition, Melonade Runtz has a unique terpene profile which provides an interesting aroma and a refined taste that will be loved by even the most demanding growers and smokers.

What exactly are the genetics in Melonade Runtz?

Melonade Runtz was created by crossing a Melonade (Lemon Z x Lemon Tree) mother and a Runtz father (from a ‘reversed’ mother). The Dutch Passion Melonade genetics is a cross of the legendary and cup-winning Lemon Z (aka. Dutch Passion’s Lemon Zkittle) with which we won both the Sativa category and the Overall Best Strain at the Highlife Cup in 2018.

This ‘cup-winning pheno’ has in turn been crossed with an elite Lemon Tree clone. By crossing this potent and fruity Melonade with the well-known Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato) genetics, a beautiful USA hybrid has been created that can compete with the very best contemporary cannabis genetics.

The Runtz genetics give the terpene profile of this strain a whole new dimension with a strong penetrating scent and refined taste. Due to the diverse genetics in this ‘4-way cross’, there is something for every grower.

Melonade Runtz is a THC-rich hybrid cannabis strain with a potent cannabinoid profile, an average flowering time and a high yield

Melonade Runtz is a vigorous and stable feminised cannabis strain. She is an easy strain to grow, which makes her interesting for both beginners and experienced growers. Due to her relatively fast flowering period you don’t have to wait very long until she is ready for harvest. And when it is time to harvest you will be amazed at the high quality of the buds.

This really is a beautiful looking ‘commercial’ cannabis strain with exquisite bag appeal. The buds have that sought-after Cali weed appearance, nicely round, compact, full of trichomes and a pungent aroma that can often still be smelled through the bag! Besides her top quality, Melonade Runtz is an easy plant to cultivate in the grow room.

She grows relatively compactly with a controllable stretch that never becomes unruly. The robust and strong branches ensure that she can easily stand upright and is tough enough to take a beating.

Most plants grow best naturally and in a SOG culture. This can usually be done without the use of complicated growth techniques/products. However, during the late flowering phase, the buds of some phenotypes become so compact and heavy that it is recommended to preferably support the buds a little, either with stakes, rope or a net.

In general, this strain has an average flowering time of around 9-10 weeks. Melonade Runtz is a medium sized plant with a large yield. The strain has strong, stiff branches with a compact bloom structure. Even if the buds don’t grow completely closed (with the buds merged together), you will notice that they will carry quite a bit of weight.

The genetics used for Melonade Runtz guarantee the following properties:

  • A potent THC-rich USA cross with compact buds and superb bag appeal
  • Melonade Runtz is a strong-smelling cannabis strain with a very high THC content which can reach 25% (and even more in optimal conditions)
  • This original Dutch Passion feminised seed variety is easy to grow and provides stable plants with a high yield
  • Melonade Runtz has been developed for indoor cultivation and therefore performs fantastically under high-quality LED lamps, but can also flourish outdoors in a sunny and dry climate. In a temperate/variable climate, a shelter and good ventilation are a must
Effects of Melonade Runtz

The high of Melonade Runtz is very potent and powerful. In addition to an extremely high THC level, she also has a fully-loaded terpene profile. Due to the researched and now well-known ‘entourage effect’, the high is expected to be further enhanced thanks to these terpenes. In combination this creates a powerful, narcotic effect. The high is more suitable for experienced smokers with a high tolerance.

We recommend that novice growers consume this strain in low doses, as it can sometimes be considered too powerful/overwhelming for beginners. However, this also makes her very suitable for medical users who are looking for a photoperiod cannabis strain with a high THC level, a narcotic high and at the same time an excellent taste profile.

The effect is a hybrid effect with both a physical and mental effect where it is slightly more towards a ‘body-stoned’ than a clear ‘head-high’.

The bloom time of Melonade Runtz

Melonade Runtz has an average flowering time of approximately 9-10 weeks before the plants are ready to harvest. This applies indoors from the moment the clock/light is set to 12/12. The shorter days and the 12-hour dark period ensure that plants will flower immediately. This average flowering period applies to fully controlled grow rooms.

If you grow in less-than-optimal conditions, the flowering period can be delayed by 1 week to a maximum of 2 weeks. Outdoors, approximately the same flowering time applies, but when exactly bloom starts depends on the exact location/latitude where the plant is grown.

In an outdoor grow, the plants flower more slowly, because the light cycle runs more gradually from the growth phase to the flowering phase. This means that the plants are prepared to flower in a more natural and gradual way. Inside, this happens quite abruptly. Outside you have a period of pre-flowering, which means they ripen faster later.

In a temperate climate in the Northern Hemisphere she will be ready approximately between early and late October, depending on the climatic conditions of the growing location. She grows best outdoors in a dry and sunny climate.

The yield of Melonade Runtz

Melonade Runtz has an average stretching period and a high yield. Most stretching takes place during the first 2 weeks of bloom with a slightly less vigorous stretch in the 3rd week. They are plants with a relatively compact growth structure and average height. Very suitable for growers who are looking for an easily controllable cannabis strain.

Melonade Runtz has a high yield, which allows harvests of approximately 400-450g m2 in an indoor grow. Outdoors, or as a single plant indoors with a very long pre-growth period, a yield of approximately 500g will be possible. Very experienced growers will be able to achieve even higher yields with the right products and growing methods.

Advice from our experts

Melonade Runtz is easy to grow and provides a large harvest in a relatively short seed-to-harvest period using a normal growing period. To grow her well and as quickly as possible in an indoor culture, we would use the following growth schedules.

On average, we recommend a minimum pre-growth (veg) time of around 3-4 weeks. This can take up to 6 weeks if the growing conditions are not optimal or if the plants have experienced a period of stress in the beginning.

If you grow only a few plants per m2, you can extend the pre-growth period by pre-growing her for at least 6-8 weeks. It is best to repot the plants to a larger pot size from the 3rd/4th week and repeat this again during the 5th/6th week, and possibly just before/or during the beginning (first few days) of the flowering period.

During the flowering period, ensure as little stress as possible and a stable climate so that the plant can fully focus on healthy growth and the pre-flowering phase. If this is successful, you will see that this is no ordinary cannabis cultivar, the buds become compact, white and are really beautiful to look at and they also smell incredibly pungent. The perfect strain for lovers of top quality ‘Cali strains’.

Information about Melonade Runtz

The most important reason for developing the Melonade Runtz was to use, and further develop, our cannabis cup-winning Lemon Z genetics (formerly known as Lemon Zkittlez). We wanted to create something unique with this crossing and we found the perfect partner for our own Melonade version in the Runtz genetics. A match made in heaven! Don’t wait any longer and try her now!

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