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New exotic pure Sativa from the remote Pacific island of New Caledonia that our team has recently reproduced and that has us completely mesmerised with the quality of its sweet and fruity terpenes, and by its powerful euphoric, ‘good vibes’ and premium psychedelic sativa effects, to the point of being considered the best pure local sativa we’ve offered in many years.

Extremely vigorous, tall and well-branched sativa that can increase up to five times in size during flowering, easily reaching 3-4 meters in height outdoors when planted in spring with sufficient growth time. The yields are very good when grown outdoors with warm weather and enough hours of direct light, producing long and bulky flowers, with very good density for a sativa, a great flower to leaf ratio and the typically small but highly resinous calyxes of pure sativa.

The best features of this strain are its aromas and effects, offering incredibly refined terpenes which fuse tropical sweetness with flower petals, lemon and musk. Very clean and cerebral psychoactivity, expansive, euphoric and motivating. It develops intensely, cheerful, playful, creative, enveloping, psychedelic and sensory, very sharp, bringing you back to earth two hours later in an optimistic, constructive, warm and peaceful mood, with good energy remaining. It leaves you smiling and positive, in a placid mood, without negativity or paranoia. This is a sativa of moderate-high potency and duration, with first-rate effects.

It can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and with enough space for its development. We recommend to switch her into flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days. We recommend 11 (light)/13 (darkness) photoperiod for the flowering indoors, in order to boost the flowering, and to avoid reflowerings or excessive stretching in early flowering.

Very suitable for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

Outdoors, it is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation in tropical or subtropical climates, although it can be cultivated with very good results in warm coastal climates of mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean) up to latitudes close to 43º.

We recommend soft NPK levels during the growing stage, increasing PK from 3rd-4th week of flowering. When New Caledonia is properly grown, the yield is high, especially outdoors.

Genetic analysis of this New Caledonian sativa shows that this variety has a rare and unique genotype, with moderate genetic variability. It is an interesting sativa to develop incredibly vigorous and high-yielding sativa hybrids with refined fruity terpenes, and clean, energetic and psychedelic effects of the highest quality.

Regular M/F Photoperiod


Pack Size


2nd-generation pure Sativa from New Caledonia

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time





0.03-0.05 %


0.7-1.4 %

Flavor Profile

The flavour is initially fresh, bittersweet and lemony, slightly minty, then dense, resinous, with sweet fruity, spicy and herbal touches.

Terpene Profile

Complex and rich terpene profile. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: very high amounts of terpinolene and myrcene, followed by high trans-ocimene content, smaller amounts of alpha pinene, limonene and beta pinene, with variability in the presence of linalool and gamma-terpinene traces. Sesquiterpenes: very high content of beta-caryophyllene, high amounts of alpha humulene, with variability in the presence of alpha bisabolol and trans nerolidol in smaller quantities. Incredibly refined aromas of sweet tropical tutti-frutti (sometimes a little sour), flower petals with a creamy sweet surrounding and a powerful lemony and musky background. When ground up, spicy, herbal and geranium touches come out.

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