Santa Muerte F2 (R)


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Gelato 45 X Serroquel F2

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Earthy, Skunk, Myrcene, Decay, Cloves



Santa Muerte F2 (R)


Santa Muerte has an interesting backstory to it as the strain that almost wasn’t. Thankfully due to some sacrifice and the miracle of epistasis, a cultivar was born into existence worthy of everyones attention. Originally the Gelato 45 seed was found in a quarter pound of seedless craft flower ordered off a Canadian website for black market flower. The Gelato 45 was incredibly racy with a paranoia inducing effect. It took me awhile to get through the QP as everytime I would smoke it the hairs on my neck would raise and rushes of paranoia would sweep over me.

After finding the seed near the end of the bag, I attempted to germinate it as an S1 ‘selfed’ seed. These seeds are sometimes produced by the plant naturally in 1 lone small flower as a way to save the species and attempt another plant the next season. These seeds are a genetic clone in seed form of the mother and are always female. So a female Gelato 45 from a renewed seed source was raised under the summer sun to be used for restocking the new depleted personal stock. When she went into flower, the plant had a very interesting color pattern.

Like a purple and green freckled camouflage that only got deeper as the days grew shorter. A quick decision was made to take some clones and bring them inside before she was lost to the harvest sun. The clones were raised indoors and hit with Serroquel pollen while redoing that breed. Those seeds were sent out to testers as well as grown in house and the results have been amazing.

Santa Muerte is a large plant with dense and easy to trim flowers. The yield is very impressive and staking or laying trellis is recommended to keep the bottom low hanging fruits from sweeping the floor. It burns like fine Hashish with a myrcene punch to it. Not overpowering, like Omuerta’s “Thousand Oaks”, but more than floral notes. Effects are slightly delayed and creep in about 10 minutes after consumption by inhalation with a heavy body high, appetite stimulation and deep mental relaxation.

Regular M/F Photoperiod

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