Orange Biscuits Auto [LIMITED]


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Pack Size


Forum Stomper x Orange Diesel

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


60 – 90 cm


75 – 125 gm

Terpene Profile

Orange Chantilly Cream

Flavor Profile

Orange Chantilly Cream

Orange Biscuits Auto [LIMITED] INFO


It’s hard to get much further apart in terms of lineage in our big Mephisto family than with Forum Stomper and Orange Diesel, but combining them has proved a masterstroke, creating what we can only describe as a diesel jaffa cake, heavy on the jaffa.

Originally Illuminauto #35, what we wanted to achieve with Orange Biscuits is exactly what we ended up getting; expanding the variety and availability of the relative rarity of Orange Diesel, whilst using the ever-present and strong lineage of Forum Stomper to do so. Forum Stomper has become such a star at the farm, we’ve almost got past the stage of recognising how truly extraordinary she is. Like watching Lionel Messi or Tom Brady every week, their exceptional quality somehow just becomes the norm until they do something special even for them, combining her with Orange Diesel has made Orange Biscuits our Lionel Messi hat-trick in El Clásico.

With positive traits from both parents, the lovely tight bud structure from Orange Diesel and the oodles of sticky frost from our Forum Stomper, Orange Biscuits is a match made in Zion. She grows easily, with almost Bane-like resistance levels. The other element with levels to keep in mind is the odour, she’s a straight-up carbon filter killah queen; dynamite, no laser beam but still guaranteed to blow your mind.

She’s another strain from this limited release that likes to peacock during her fade, displaying a variety of beautiful colours, all the way to hot pink. Just a quick word to the wise, this ain’t the strain to sleep on.


Feminized Autoflowering