Pink Runtz Auto [NEW RELEASE]


Strain Information

Pack Size

, , ,


Pink Runtz x Gelato Auto

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


2 – 3 ft indoors, 3 – 5 ft outdoors


14 – 16 oz. indoors, 3 – 6 oz./plant outdoors



Terpene Profile

Candy like, Fruity

Flavor Profile

Candy, Earthy, Fruity

Pink Runtz Auto [NEW RELEASE]


Pink Runtz Autoflower strain is a smashing variety that will please both growers and tokers. It offers a moreish fragrance and flavor and its high THC levels—22%—are sure to produce pronounced effects that will last for hours. Highly productive in the grow room, this neat auto can fit into smaller spaces with ease, allowing for a discreet outdoor grow or an easy project in small indoor spaces.

Gelato Auto, Zkittlez and Pink Panties cross

Pink Runtz Auto has very famous ancestors. As the autoflowering version of Pink Runtz, its predecessors are the impressive Gelato Auto, Zkittlez and Pink Panties, and you’ll be pleased to hear that they passed on lots of loveable traits. Pink Runtz Auto strain has a fairly balanced profile, with 45% of sativa, 50% of indica and 5% ruderalis genetics, which allows for a well-rounded experience when smoked. Containing 22% THC, Pink Runtz Auto weed produces a long-lasting and intense high.

Aromas, Flavors, and Effects of Pink Runtz Auto Seeds

Nothing but deliciousness awaits when you smoke or vape Pink Runtz Autoflower weed. This variety is packed with terpenes emitting a candy-like and fruity aroma, as well as noticeable earthy notes that tie the fragrance together. When you take a couple of tokes, you will quickly feel the effects of Pink Runtz Auto. Prepare for an uplifting and motivating high that will leave you thoroughly relaxed and mellow.

Growing Characteristics of Pink Runtz Auto Seeds

Pink Runtz Autoflower seeds are an excellent choice for any grower, regardless of the environment. They sprout quickly and produce plants that fit in every grow space, peaking at controllable heights of 60–100cm indoors and 80–140cm outside. Pink Runtz Autoflower weed strain will be ready to give up its goods after 10–11 weeks from seed, and in optimal conditions you can expect to harvest 400–450g/m² or up to a respectable 175g per plant outdoors.

Feminized Autoflowering


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