Purple Haze (F)



Pack Size

, ,


North Atlantic Seed White Label


Haze x Purple Thai

Cannabis Type

, ,

Flowering Time


6.56 ft, 2 m


Indoor; 1.15 – 1.32 oz/ft², 350 – 400 gr/m²; Outdoor; 12 oz/plant, 350 gr/plant


Low; 2%

Flavor Profile

Earthy, Incense, Sweet, Woody

Terpene Profile

Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Para-Cymene, Terpinolene

Purple Haze (F) INFO

North Atlantic Seed White Label seeds are sourced across the many breeders we work with. Breeder information is not made available for these strains, and they are not eligible for replacements or promotional discounts.


Purple Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain from a cross between Haze x Purple Thai. This strain is quite a legend, making his first appearance in the 1960s. His rise to fame is due in part to his euphoric and psychedelic high, which has led some fans to call him the best feel-good ganja.

Purple Haze makes its appeal clear early on with medium to large-sized blooms that maintain a Sativa structure, tapering from a broad base to a pointed tip. True to their Sativa heritage, these buds have a relatively loose structure with soft, fluffy-looking leaves that spiral outward from their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mosaic of moss green and the deep purple this strain is named after. Finally, these flowers are covered with sticky trichomes, which explains their psychoactivity.

Purple Haze is a plant that has easy growth and high yields at harvest, making it an ideal strain for any beginner.

Purple Haze features a bouquet of purple flowers and provides a positively hazy mental experience. It is believed to be a cross between Purple Thai and Haze, both of which are known for their seductive fragrance and blunt, but happy Sativa hit.

It is a true strain of Sativa quality that will provide you with a good dose of creative euphoria. We recommend smoking it in the afternoon as it has powerful effects.

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