Purple Satellite (F)


Strain Information

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1979 Oaxacan gold purple IBL x Nepalese Sativa

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time



Medium to High

Terpene Profile

Slight pine cedar, hash, hint of berry syrup. From mid to late flower strong cherry fragrance.

Purple Satellite (F)


Purple Satellite is the earliest, best quality, pure Sativa of her class and quality for the Northern growers PERIOD!!!
This strain is a cross of two pure In Bred Lines. Oaxacan Gold Sativa kept pure since 1979, and a high latitude/altitude IBL pure Nepalese Sativa, adapted to Denmark, from the highland mountains of Baglung Nepal. The Neplai Sativa is of very high potency but the Oaxacan Gold being slightly more potent bumps up the the over all potency immensely.
Coming in well before most all other strains even Indica and Indica dominate hybrids, Purple Satellite finishes mid to late September when the UV rich sun is still high and strong for extra fat bud formation and super trichome production.
Purple Satellite has great mold and disease resistance but remember to cut way back on your nutes starting early flowering.
Purple Satellite plants are extremely consistent from seed, coming from such stable lineage and most of the plants look like clones. Almost all will develop pink to fuschia pistils and purple in the calyx even without a chill period, if given the best brightly lighted conditions. Full all day sun is best.
Around late August, in mid to later bloom, the smell of the plants is seriously strong cherry that fills the air when plants are brushed. Upon finishing the fragrance gets more complex with a fragrance of pine, incense with a touch of berry that carries into the very smooth sweet most upbeat smoke.
Best suited for the outdoor northern grower! Purple Satellite can be grown indoors, but it is very important the lights be dialed down much more gradually starting at 14/10 for for a three weeks down to 13/11 for three weeks then down to 12/12 until finished, around nine/ten weeks with good lights. Remember Purple Satellite was adapted and developed to flower over many generations, very far north, very early.

Feminized Photoperiod

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