RS11 (F)


Strain Information

Pack Size



Pink Guava x OZK

Cannabis Type

Indica / Sativa / CBD

Flowering Time


Indoors: 400 – 450 gr/m²; Outdoors: 100 – 150 gr/plant


4.92 ft

Flavor Profile

Diesel, Sour, Sweet

RS11 (F)



The strain resulting from the cross between a Pink Guava x OZK will produce a hybrid strain Mostly Sativa. The strain will likely have a Diesel, Sour, Sweet flavor with a strong Mostly Sativa body high.

It also has a High THC 27% – 31%, making it a great choice for those looking for a happy experience with a good dose of energy.

The RS11 strain is a cross between Pink Guava x OZK, resulting in a strain with a Diesel, Sour, Sweet flavor, as well as potent Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted effects and a combination of cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate, and terpenes.


When examining the RS11 strain, one of the main questions that arises is whether it leans towards the Sativa or Indica spectrum. The answer lies in its genetic makeup. RS11 is a mostly Sativa strain, famous for its uplifting and cerebral effects. Derived from a lineage rich in Sativa genetics, this strain offers an invigorating experience that can enhance creativity and concentration.

However, it is worth noting that RS11 may have some Indica influences due to its hybrid nature, providing a well rounded experience for enthusiasts seeking a balanced high.


Exploring the effects of RS11 is where this strain really shines. As a Sativa-dominant strain, RS11 delivers a potent cerebral high characterized by increased energy and mental clarity. Users can expect a burst of euphoria that elevates mood and boosts productivity.

RS11 is genetics contribute to its invigorating effects, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a creative boost or an elevated mindset. With its balanced blend of Sativa qualities, RS11 is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs looking for an uplifting, mood enhancing experience.


For those interested in growing feminized seeds of RS11, it is essential to understand its flowering time. This mostly Sativa hybrid tends to have a relatively long flowering period of approximately 10 to 12 weeks when grown indoors.

Outdoor cultivation can extend flowering time, depending on environmental conditions. RS11 is genetics contribute to its longer flowering phase, making patience a key virtue for growers. However, the rewards are well worth the effort, as RS11 offers a unique and invigorating Sativa experience, appreciated by growers and enthusiasts alike.


The buds of the RS11 are rock hard, soaked in resin and often have a crystalline sheen due to the amount of trichomes. They almost look like they came out of the moon and are excessively covered with resinous trichomes. The taste and flavor can be described as the perfect blend of Diesel, Sour, Sweet.

RS11 makes a delicious soft smoke and combines a wide range of effects while a happy experience with a good dose of energy. It´s rare genes produce a premium weed that is hard to beat. Thanks to its large resin production, it is the ideal strain for the production of high-quality extracts and concentrates.

A good terpene profile enhances the flavors of the buds of cannabis plants. Terpenes are volatile organic compounds that are produced in the cannabis plant and have an effect on the aroma and flavor of the buds. The most common terpenes are .

These terpenes act as a kind of energizer for the flavors of the buds, as they add a fresh, citrusy touch to the sweeter flavors found in the buds. On the other hand, terpenes also have an effect on the effect that cannabis produces when smoked, as some terpenes have sedative properties, while others can act as stimulants.

For this reason, it is important to know the different terpenes found in a given cannabis strain before smoking it, in order to get the most out of the flavors and effects they produce.


This mostly Mostly Sativa marijuana is considered one of the most potent within the cannabis community. RS11 is the perfect strain to relax, but it will also take you to a state of happiness and concentration. It can make anyone feel cheerful and happy.

RS11 is perfect to consume in the evening after a long day. It is a plant with Mostly Sativa structure. A large stem that supports its satellite branches and that we can grow both indoors and outdoors, obtaining a similar production but with a higher yield when it is fed with all the hours of sunshine outdoors.

Our RS11 is an Mostly Sativa that can take between 10 – 12 weeks from germination to harvest. Remember that in each period of cultivation of our marijuana plant it is important to provide it with the corresponding nutrients to obtain resinous buds and trichomes.


Arthritis relief: The appearance of Delta 3 Carene and Linanool terpenes is a trigger for the reduction of Arthritis. When Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene terpenes are present, it is a great ally for Arthritis, asthma and anti-inflammatory problems. It is present in Spicy, Floral, Lavender, Mint, Cinnamon, Cilantro, Woody notes and Pine.

Sleepy relief: The combination of terpenes such as Myrcene, Terpineol and in high percentage Linalool provides us with a sedentary and sleepy state.

Pain relief: The appearance of the terpenes Myrcene and Humelene is a trigger for pain reduction. When the terpene Eucalyptol is present, it is a great ally in reducing chronic pain. It is present in earthy, musky, woody and spicy aromas and in the terpene Eucalyptol Mint.

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