Skywalker (F)



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North Atlantic Seed White Label


Blueberry x Mazar

Flowering Time


4.92 ft


Indoors: 400 – 450 gr/m²; Outdoors: 600 – 700 gr/plant

Flavor Profile

Berry, Piney, Spicy, Sweet

Terpene Profile

Alpha Cedrene, Alpha-Pinene, Alpha-Terpineol, Beta-Caryophyllene, Borneol, Cadinene, Camphene, Citral, Delta-limonene, Eugenol, Farnesene, Fenchol, Humulene, Linalool, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Ocimene, Orange Terpenes, Phytol, Terpinolene

Skywalker (F) INFO

North Atlantic Seed White Label seeds are sourced across the many breeders we work with. Breeder information is not made available for these strains, and they are not eligible for germination replacements or promotional discounts.


This strain is the result of the genetic cross starting with Mazar, an indica-dominant strain that is native to the extreme north of Afghanistan and known to be a great producer. Also in the mix, Blueberry is known in the cannabis world for its strong and intoxicating aroma. In addition, this cultivar is much admired for its colorful hues and immense bag appeal.

Skywalker is a vigorous, bushy cannabis plant that grows to 3 feet indoors and almost 5 feet outdoors. Like the phenotype of its parental strains, it has muscular branches and stems. Make sure to prune non-essential leaves and side branches to allow better airflow and light exposure. If growing outdoors, the ideal climate should be similar to locations around the Mediterranean and California. In these cannabis paradises, each plant can produce up to 17 oz and harvest should be ready by mid October in the northern hemisphere or March in the southern hemisphere. If outdoor conditions are not optimal or consistent, it’s best to cultivate Skywalker indoors.

Skywalker is a strain that is faithful to its genetic lineage, sending users into a euphoric, calm state with a satisfying dose of happiness from the first moments. However, this hybrid, even though it is mostly sativa, can produce states of body relaxation that lead to deep dreams. Regarding its aroma and flavor, it is very similar to Blueberry. You will enjoy flavors of sweet blueberries and aromas of fresh pine and notes of spices that are guaranteed to stimulate the palate.

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