Sour Diesel (F)



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North Atlantic Seed White Label


Chemdawg X Northern Lights X Skunk

Cannabis Type

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Flowering Time




Indoors: 500 gr/m²; Outdoors: 600 – 700 gr/plant

Flavor Profile

Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

Terpene Profile

Alpha Bisabolol, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Farnesene, Beta-Phellandrene, Camphene, Humele, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Terpinolene

Sour Diesel (F) INFO

North Atlantic Seed White Label seeds are sourced across the many breeders we work with. Breeder information is not made available for these strains, and they are not eligible for replacements or promotional discounts.


The origin of this feminized strain with a high THC range comes from the crossing of Skunk with Northern Lights with Chemdawg, three renowned strains in the world of cannabis. Sour Diesel is a plant in which 3 different phenotypes can be observed. You may be interested in having more than one mother plant because all 3 phenotypes are very good and worth keeping.

From its first day, this plant is vigorous and leafy. These plants tend to flower around 70-75 days and are real beauties to behold as they grow. The leaves are colored a rich magenta hue, dancing vividly on the bright green buds and red hairs. The buds are generously filled with large head trichomes. Sour Diesel tends to produce higher yields than typical marijuana plants, making it a great choice for more experienced growers.

This variety has an exquisite and unique flavor. Its earthy, spicy flavor includes hints of herbs and citrus fruits. However, the aroma that emanates from its lineage is of real gasoline, hence its name, Sour Diesel. The out-of-this-world flavor comes from the dominance of the terpenes, Cariopholene, Myrcene and Linalool, each contributing a bit of magic in its genetics. If have work to do at night, she will help you stay awake and stay motivated. When you do your laundry or other chores during the day, you will feel more focused with every hit.

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