Technicolor (R) [GRAPE PIE BX DROP]


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Bubblegum Biscotti X Grape Pie

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Technicolor (R) [GRAPE PIE BX DROP]


My Bubblegum Biscotti cross to Grape Pie. A wonderful combo that will hash for days. Fat stable heads on a big yielding flower. Pink purple bag appeal. 60 to 65 days flower.

“Grape Pie Bx actually began in 2012 when I made the DoHo line. I had some Tahoe Bx pollen and used it to pollinate a cut of cookies. That cross was dubbed DoHo. I ran those seeds and found some killer plants then moved onto to other things. When it came time to lock the grape pie into reg seed form, I immediately thought of that DoHo line to be a perfect donor to start the backcross. Using a male from that line I pollinated the Grape Pie and a bunch of other elite cuts. I kept the Grape Pie x DoHo in house and let the other hybrids out as freebies over the years. Using a Grape Pie x DoHo male identical to the Grape Pie mom, I backcrossed the Grape Pie. The Grape Pie Bx male has been used over the years to make tons of killer hybrids. We brought him out of retirement for one last hurrah as he has made some gems in many gardens.”

Regular M/F Photoperiod

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