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Tiramisu (F)


Gold Collection

Tiramisu is a genetic blend of Wedding Cake and Gelato 45 cannabis strains. We expect this to become something of a classic due to the nature of its more-ish taste.

Tiramisu should be both topped and trained, in e.g. a SCRoG system, in order to encourage the plant to restrict its height and put its energies into lateral growth. Doing so will increase the number of budding sites and will also expose lower buds to more light which will also serve to boost yield potential. Flowering will take between 63 – 67 days with yields in the neighbourhood of 200 – 280 gr. Flavours of vanilla and chocolate with undertones of creamy hash and butter linger long on the palate and will have smokers wanting more. Extract makers will warm to its fragrant terpene profile which is reflected in its concentrates.

6 Feminized Seeds

Additional information

Pack Size

6 Feminized Seeds


Wedding Cake x Gelato 45

Cannabis Type

Feminized Photoperiod

Flowering Time

63 – 67 days


200 – 280 gr/m2

Flavor Profile

Chocolate, Sweet, Vanilla


In stock

In stock