West Coast Sour F2 (F)


Strain Information

Pack Size

3 pack, 6 pack, 10 pack


West Coast Sour #16 x West Coast Sour #13

Cannabis Type

Feminized Photoperiod, Sativa Feminized, Sativa Photoperiod

Flowering Time

Outdoor: Mid to Late October, 70 – 80 days

Terpene Profile

Sour, fuel, citrus, skunk, earth





West Coast Sour F2 (F)

You can’t fake the sour! Living in the emerald triangle since the mid 90’s, we’ve seen our fair share of sours come and go. The good cuts hung around for years while the inferior cuts didn’t last long. We were fortunate enough to keep a few around and to integrate them into our breeding program. Anyone that knows a good sour can see them from 100′ away. There is no faking their distinct look and smell. We are FINALLY releasing a version we have developed using the best sour cuts that migrated through the emerald triangle over the last 20+ years. This is not an early ripening variety like many of our strains so be advised, Sour D is not a great choice for certain climate zones. She won’t fully ripen until late October.
  • Type: Sativa Dominant

  • Filial Generation: F2, IX

  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Low

  • Indoor Flower Time: 70-80

  • Outdoor Harvest Date: Late Oct

  • Trellising Requirements:  Above average

  • Height/Stretch: high

  • Yield (per sf): high

  • Color:  green with beautiful variations of dark and light green

  • Solventless extraction potential: above average sandy trichomes, long stalks, dense coverage.

  • Nose: sour, fuel, citrus, skunk, earth

  • Effects: ultra racey, super potent yet invigorating.

  • Tips from the grower:  We’ve grown our fair share of diesel back in the day.  This is a very accurate representation of the original Sourl that was super common on the West Coast back in 2005-2010.  She’s a crazy stretcher and she’ll absolutely require trellising. Indoors, don’t let the tops get too close to the lights or too hot or she can foxtail on you.  Outdoors. the plants can get massive.  Don’t expect to harvest much before late October, however, the plant is quite hardy and can take a fair amount of environmental abuse.

  • Notes: Sour Diesel has been a notoriously difficult cultivar to breed with,  This majority of the offspring do not carry the extremely gassy traits of the breeding stock. We have been hunting winners of winners in order to bring back the true nature of the 2000’s Sour-D!

Feminized Photoperiod

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